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Airmail Zipper Pouch

Sweet and vintage, this pouch has just flown in. 95% recycled post consumer material has a crushed, wrinkled look when sewn into Zipper Pouches. This is normal for the high recycled content. We love the earth.
7.25"h x 9.5"w
Airmail Zipper Pouch

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There is a Spanish proverb that says "Too much breaks the bag." This doesn't hold true for my wonderful Airmail zipper pouch. From make-up to money and credit cards to kitty treats, this is a super little bag that holds plenty of my must-need items and easily slips into my purse or my carry-on. "Going postal" isn't an issue when I carry my fun, pretty and durable pouch.
Review By: Denise Hearn5 months ago 
A delightful and durable case! Product, service, and price are three (in that order) priorities for me in shopping. Blue Q and their zipper and pencil bags meet these reqirements and exceed expectation.
Review By: Deborah Trevan5 months ago 
Love this bag
Review By: Crystal Renolds5 months ago 
Really really cute for the price. I wanted to use this as a makeup bag, but upon receipt, I realized it's much bigger than I thought. It's still really cute though. Might use it as a clutch or a toiletry bag when traveling.
Review By: Natalie Laffont7 months ago 


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