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Mighty Michelle Shopper

This is THE Michelle Obama bag you have heard and read about. Designed with breathtaking beauty to honor a woman who deserves attention. Art by Fiona Hewitt. Made with 95% recycled woven polypropylene.
15"h x 16"w x 6"d
Mighty Michelle Shopper

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I LOVE THIS BAG!! I always receive compliments. I will probably be buying more.
Review By: Chelsea4 months ago 
I love every Blue Q product I've ever bought--this shopper included. The Art work is great and everything is so functional. Keep it up guys.
Review By: Miriam6 months ago 
I have two of these... so far. It's my favorite Blue Q bag, and that's saying something! I adore our fab First Lady, and this bag makes her look almost as amazing as real life, yo! I carry it every day, even when I have too little to justify a shopper and should just carry my peace tote. It's totes ok, you know what I'm sayin'?
Review By: Rachel2 years ago 
Love Mighty Michelle, I think it nice. She's pretty and love the red dress. I have lots of Blue Q!!! Love it All!
Review By: Candace2 years ago 
This is the most beautiful piece of artwork I've seen on a shopping bag ever!!! I'm almost sure groceries will never touch this masterpiece. I'll use it for travel and it will make a great conversation starter.
Review By: BERNICE2 years ago 


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