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Bicycles Messenger Bag

This top selling design matches it's twin (fraternal twin) in the Shopper bag style. Art by Christine Berrie. Inside pocket perfect for iPads, 53" adjustable strap, strong magnetic closure. 95% post consumer recycled material.
12"h x 11"w x 3"d
Bicycles Messenger Bag

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I LOVE this bag!!! It is beautiful and practical. The art is wonderful!!! It's waterproof and keeps my valuables dry. The handy inside pocket keeps miscellaneous items from getting lost or folded. I'm planning on buying more for my cycling friends! Thanks for such a great durable bag!
Review By: Debbie5 months ago 
I just bought THIS bag in a local store, recommended by Blue Q 'where to buy' search thingy and I absolutely LOVE IT! Perfect for all the crap I need to schlep to and from work! Thanks, Blue Q!!!!!
Review By: Neal1 year ago 
People are forever, and I mean FOREVER, trying to copy my style. I really don't mind, because, look, you can buy every Blue Q item I own and wear it all at once. That's good for Blue Q. But bad for you, because ain't nobody can work it like I do, I am never going to be worried about someone topping my style. It must, and I mean MUST be said, though, that if you creep up under me while trying to figure out where I got my bangin' awesome, CUTE AS HECK while being versatile, virtually waterproof and indestructible Bicycles Messenger Bag, you will receive the Look of Death. My love for Blue Q and for this bag is SO immense, I have always smiled and told people "I got it from Blue Q!" Even though I would be totally justified if I smacked them in the face with it instead.
Review By: Helena1 year ago 
Hi, This is my third time buying the bicycle bag! I love ALL your products - just wish the socks were cheaper - my son loves fun socks! Tara
Review By: Tara1 year ago 


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