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Killer McFluffy Room Spray

You can blame the cat...or you can use this magic elixir. It conquers any awkward or potentially embarrassing odors in and around your loving pets powder room. Citrus blossom and lily scent.
5.3 fl. oz./156 ml
Killer McFluffy Room Spray

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Listen people, if you have a cat and it has a cat box - YOU NEED THIS - fur realz (ha -see what i did there) There is nothing worse than going to someones house and having it stink like a cat box (especially if they do that half hearted "sorry, about the cat box", or "I hope it doesn't smell") Ahh yeah it does! If you cant smell it it might be to late; maybe its surrounding you. Get this and make it better. Multiple cats, stinky old cats, sick cats, or just asshole cats who go outside the box - anyway you spray it does the job. Seriously just get this! Those who like this might also like, thanks for scooping my poop hand sanitizer or cat butt hand soap. - Those cat people are crazy huh!
Review By: Gwen LaRue1 month ago 
While it won't keep Boopsie from making a poopsie in strange places, it will make up for the smell afterwards. It even helps for the human bombs that can creep up around the house. The smell is soft, almost reminiscent of a cotton-ish feel. It certainly takes away the nausea of number two blues. I purchased this as a joke gift for my parents, as their little angel kitty, aka my sister can really leave some stinky poo. This is a Godsend for covering it up ;)
Review By: Lora O'Reilly1 month ago 


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