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July 05, 2016

All Hail Queen Chrissy!


We get paired up with some real sparklers via our relationship with the Berkshire County ARC. Chrissy is one of them. Without exaggeration, she's just about one of the sweetest humans out there. She's positive, she's generous, and she's been beaming her rays on Blue Q for the last 22 years and 3 months.

And so, just because, Friday was International Chrissy Craighead Day. We celebrated with pizza, kale salad, sunshine – and hugs, of course!

Thanks a Bunch!

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Chrissy, You just made us smile big, big smiles. So everyone there should give you a hug for us. Because they're there and we're not, we're here. Barbara and Debra
Comment By: Debra6 years ago 
Love love love this!!! It's all genuine! The BCARC crew are ALL awesome people, lots of laughs AND a lot of great work!
Comment By: Maureen6 years ago 
love you Chrissy, you are an amazing lady, and give the best hugs in the world, and enjoy food like no other
Comment By: Deb6 years ago 
@Julie... I agree... :) ...we need MORE Chrissy's in this world....seems like they are as rare as unicorns!
Comment By: meme6 years ago 
Congratulations, Chrissy! :-D
Comment By: Christine6 years ago 
Chrissy sure looks like a really sweet gal, I bet her hugs are incredible! And because I've heard that sincere hugs from amazing people are the very best, I can only imagine how priceless she's been to all her BlueQ friends over the years. Keep up the good work Chrissy, we need more people like you.
Comment By: Julie6 years ago 

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