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December 01, 2014

All that the sun shines on is beautiful


So long as it is wild.

Thanks a Bunch!

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I don't know if this stuff is funny or if it's because I work at a motel where they let customers & employees smoke weed! Keep up the good humor. Life is good. Flow like water.
Comment By: David1 year ago 
I've had the Lux shoulder tote for a couple of years and want to MARRY it! It's waterproof, the perfect size, and insanely durable! I just ordered 2 more! Yay!
Comment By: Janet 3 years ago 
I received the hell raiser socks as a gift. Perfect, as I'm both a cyclist and a hell raiser. Next, I get an awesome bag with cool bike and lady cyclists graphics on it. Also very me. Now I'm shopping for my friends. The ones with a sense of humor. I'm dumping all the others.
Comment By: Kathy3 years ago 
My order arrived today....Thank you for all the 'little extras'.......Socks, lip shit....perfect stocking stuffers....Love everything !!
Comment By: Donna3 years ago 
I was given one of your shoulder purses as a promo from a whole food type store. I am smitten with the purse and I get stopped in the street by people asking about it. I found something similar in a quirky store a few weeks back and wrote down the web site info. Behold, I went on the site and there was my purse. I just purchase 6 purses for me and whoever I feel like giving them to. Love the socks as well. By the way I live in Indiana but guess where I moved from - Westfield MA - figures I needed to move to find you guys. I know your area well, hike, bike sight see (and design stairs for people in your area) even tho I now live in the mid west
Comment By: Leslie3 years ago 
I love your socks, particularly the fuck this shit ones! I saw them in a store and smirked all the way home until I could share it with my husband. Unfortunately my kid is just learning to read so I probably shouldn't have socks with bad words. ... Unless they are my secret swear word socks that I keep hidden. I'm considering it :-)
Comment By: Cynthia3 years ago 

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