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October 06, 2016



It's hard to believe it's been a whole month since our Chrissy moved on. Ours because she was such a part of our family, ours because even though she doled out her special brand of warmth liberally and indiscriminately, she made it feel like a gift handed directly to you. 

Chrissy Craighead was a legend at Blue Q. A rare bird, full of warmth and grace. She was a hard worker, who assembled literally millions of Blue Q products over the course of 23 years - always in tandem with high fives, hugs and a kick-ass sense of appreciation and optimism. When Chrissy pumped her fists and said "yeah!" as she plucked an especially tasty tomato in our garden, well, it made you smile and look at things a little more wisely, too. 

Chrissy was a wonderful gardener, painter, apple picker, pesto maker and pal. The greatest creativity is love, and she personified it. 

A few months ago, when Chrissy's condition turned serious, we said, "Hey! We have to make her a parade float!" So the whole company built this thing on Jim's snow blower trailer, festooned it with art and fresh-baked pies and music, and took it to her apartment. Chrissy didn't have the strength to come outside, so we parked the rig by her window so she could look out. "Love Train" by the O'Jays was cued, and everyone started dancing. The energy must have indomitable, because in seconds Chrissy appeared outside in pink sunglasses and PJ's. The incredible cheer that erupted was…just amazing.

Chrissy Craighead was a major architect of Blue Q and we'll always remember her and and the lessons she taught us with a great fondness. 

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Sorry for your loss what a wonderful story but a heart felt story. Not too many companies talk so lovingly of their coworkers. You are truely a blessing love the products.
Comment By: Tina1 year ago 
You guys are like those kids in high school who wanna hitchhike around the world with one pair of underwear and you actually do it. Hanging out making happiness it seems. A bunch of friends, people always in and out. It seems like a thing- anyway, I love what you did for Chrissy I doubt there are many people in the world so loved. Thanks for sharing the experience
Comment By: Kim2 years ago 
... I bet the whole team carries the same kinda love ... uniqueness ... giving of oneself ... colourful ... creative extraordinaire' ... did I mention FUN!!! I know Chrissy will forever be in the center of your soul! Truly a company that everyone would want to work for (with) ... I fell in love with Blue Q from the first moment I realized I spent 50 bucks in gum alone and was only half way thru the gums! I have so much fun passing out these gums ... thank u dearly for that! I just adore u guys ... LoveLoveLove the products. You guys fuckin' rock! Mendi ---> Melinda Cowles
Comment By: Melinda3 years ago 
moved. to. tears.
Comment By: Kalani3 years ago 
I'm feeling blessed coming upon this beautiful Chrissy's story. Love these products, but this is my first time to the website and now I love your company. Honoring a co-worker the way you did for her is what business is about. Thanks for warming her heart when she needed it. I wish I had the pleasure. thanks Blue Q and Blessings and Peace to Chrissy.
Comment By: Judi4 years ago 
wow.. first time on your website... made my way to the daily Q and met Chrissy... I am in tears.. the world is a colder place when people like this move on... I wish I had known her... she reminded me of my own mom.. I'm sure they have met and are probably causing trouble and making people smile.. wherever they are...
Comment By: ray4 years ago 
Every time I think that I couldn't possibly love your family, your company, or your products any more than I already do, you prove me wrong. What a wonderful tribute to Chrissy! Thanks so much for all that you do and aspire to, you always make my day!
Comment By: Teresa4 years ago 
I don't know any of you, but this photo was so beautiful, I had to click and read more. This made me feel human again. You all are very cool and caring people and now, I just want to buy everything Blue Q has. Thanks for sharing!
Comment By: Natalie4 years ago 
What a heart warming and touching tribute. This world could use more hugs. May we "hug on" in honor of Chrissy!
Comment By: Melanie4 years ago 
Browsing gift ideas and came across this lovely tribute to your coworker and friend. Sounds like an awesome place to work, loyal employees with a compassion towards one another that feels like family. I love that. Kudos Blue Q
Comment By: Celia4 years ago 
:) This was beautiful to stumble on. Lovely tribute. Cheers to Chrissy's memory and all of you. ❤
Comment By: Tracy4 years ago 
My Blue Q items always feel special to me, and now, even more-so having learned about Chrissy and that she most likely assembled, or at least touched many of them. I'm positive now, that this is why they seem to be imbued with a special magic. Thank you, Chrissy. ♥
Comment By: Tess4 years ago 
Some of my best memories are of the very unique and awesome 'family' thats Blue Q. Pizza lunches, games of croquet and bowling, poetry readings, the most outrageous company parties ever...and so many other moments. Chrissy is a large part of those memories and her smile could always change your day. Thanks for giving me her smile today!
Comment By: Pam4 years ago 
That was beautiful! Love to start my day with a read like this. Chrissy is resting in peace from the love she has from all of you. Blue Q, you guys rock!
Comment By: Paul4 years ago 
That was beautiful! Love to start my day with a read like this. Chrissy is resting in peace from the love she has from all of you. Blue Q, you guys rock!
Comment By: Paul4 years ago 
I remember her hugs very fondly, she was a ray of sunshine every day. Beautiful words and tribute to a beautiful person ❤
Comment By: Sarah4 years ago 
I'm so sorry for the world's loss, what a beautiful tribute.
Comment By: Colleen4 years ago 
What great sentiment to such a wonderful and blessed soul! Any one who even shared a quick ten second big with chrissy had their life changed forever. She was amazing, and everyone at Blue Q has gone above and beyond for her and all of their employees.. what a great combination the two made.. rest easy Chrissy, and thank you Blue Q for all you do
Comment By: Stacie 4 years ago 
Such a sweet memorial to someone you appreciated and loved.
Comment By: Laurie4 years ago 
Blue Q must be a great place to work. Sorry for your loss.
Comment By: Suzanne4 years ago 

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