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September 11, 2014

Culinary Cape-based Crustacean-centric Adventures


Jess and her family make a late-summer trip to Cape Cod every year. For a week before and a week after, we hear about nothing but lobster rolls from her - the good, the bad, and the mind-blowing. This year, we asked Jess to take us on a tour of her culinary Cape-based Crustacean adventures, and she kindly obliged. Scroll at your own stomach-grumbling risk...

Vacation. When this nears, 2 words come to mind - lobstah rolls. I’m obsessed.

There’s nothing better than a crisp glass of white wine and big ole lump lobster roll. It’s my meal, every evening, for a week straight. 

Here’s the first one I consumed. I ate this roll twice. Not because it was the best but because it was the most convenient:

From where we stay, I could ride my bike about 2 minutes and this would be at my fingertips. Ahhh, the glory! This one was good, don’t get me wrong, but there just wasn’t enough and I was left wanting more. So I moved on to the French fries. I can never say no to a fry. Anyway, the bread here was a buttered, toasted hotdog roll which I’ve found myself to dig the most.

Grade: B

This one was delish, but the bread was so disappointing:

This had so much meat on it, but what’s a phenomenal roll if the ‘roll’ is soggy and stale at the same time? How is that even possible?! These people need to get their act together and jump on the bread wagon.

Grade: C

So by night four, I needed to spice things up and ordered broiled scallops. Yes, this is my half eaten meal. But look at these suckers? Oh. My. Lord. Melt. In. My. Mouth!

Ok, ok, back to the lobster!

This one was my fav:

It could’ve been because I had 2 mudslides while I was waiting for it, but yhis puppy was $26.95 and so worth it. There was so much meat on this guy that I couldn’t even handle the bread, which was amazing, by the way.  It was thick, sliced artisanal bread.  Oh and the bonus?  The app.  Just look at this! 

A stuffed quahog?  Yes, please!

Grade: A+

This one came in at a very close second, though I think the view of this meal enhanced the taste greatly:

It didn’t have lettuce which is odd, but there was tons of meat on a buttered hotdog roll.  Scrump.

Grade: A-

Well, now my pants don’t fit. You hungry?  Me too.  Let’s go grab something to eat. 

Thanks a Bunch!

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