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June 26, 2017

Let's be BFFs


At least four 12-foot-tall windows, more if we're talking peripherally. A big spinning display filled with brand new and exciting stuff that no one -- except for you and a bunch of your closest friends -- has seen before. Broad wooden floors scuffed up from years of moving desks, repeated trips to the kitchen and impromptu dance parties. A ceramic Jesus or two, a cardboard baby, a collection of sticks in a metal urn and a rusty tricycle. Of course there's the standard office stuff, too: mugs full of pens, some task lighting, a phone that you barely use and the back of Jess's two computer monitors.

This view, believe it or not, could be yours! If you're a graphic designer looking for a new job, that is. More specifically, if you're a graphic designer looking for a new job, living in or around Berkshire County, MA, with a good sense of humor, a collaborative spirit and a deep appreciation for a well-buttered baguette.

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i can hand-letter, and draw stuff. i love the shit out of all your products, i'm good at like, making coffee, and wondering about things. I'm a great team player as long as no one annoys me. I'm passive-passive though, so if anyone DOES annoy me, there won't be any confrontation... I'll just stop coming to work. thanks for offering everything I need to buy as xm gifts, all in one place. y'all rock.
Comment By: felicity3 days ago 
Appease me. Be in Ottawa, Canada instead of the US, or think about a long distance dating situation. It could be beautiful. Thanx. Side note: The reCaptcha phrase I have to enter in order to submit this comment is "Factory Horle". Amazing. Kind Regards, Chelle, Graphic Designer & Fangirl.
Comment By: Chelle4 days ago 
p.s. if u think globally, and i think u do, i DO live near berkshire county...
Comment By: Leanne2 weeks ago 
OOOMMMGGG u just described me to a T! Leanne T, 2 b precise... i am all those things except currently living in the sweaty penis of america (florida) but i would commute! or move! please please pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaase pretty please with real maple syrup on top i beg of u interview me! i want to come! i'll bring my famous homemade chocolate chip oatmeal pecan cookies, warm and melting all over my poetry foliage (that's a mini-magic typo for portfolio) love love love yr stuff yr blog U! xo Leanne Thomas (.com;)
Comment By: Leanne2 weeks ago 
Dream job!
Comment By: Kim2 weeks ago 
Lucky Duck like a duck duck or a geoduck? Just asking and I wish I could apply but I'm too close to retirement.
Comment By: First 2 weeks ago 
Do you need a nurse?? You know how to incorporate fun, laughter, generosity and love into your work environment...essential things to make a job worth returning to!! A happy environment is a productive one! NEVER lose sight of what you currently have. Blessings to you!
Comment By: Kathy3 weeks ago 
Somebody's going to be a lucky duck!
Comment By: Meg4 weeks ago 

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