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January 29, 2015

Lily Gets Through A Crappy Day With The Help Of Blue Q Socks


Remember that one time we made a video all about how Blue Q socks saved the day? We do too. And who could forget how Jess's epic yawn stole the show, or the credits at least. Not us.

But then we stumbled upon The Internet's Gift to The World and my new favorite time-suck, the Video-to-Gif generator from imgur. And it was clear, there was only one way to take advantage of this novel technology.


Jess must really love her job.

Thanks a Bunch!

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BlueQ sox , Say what you mean, mean what you say or just wear it.
Comment By: Diane5 years ago 
Hi Blue Q, I just wanted to say how much I like your products. From the designs to the wit and the vintage style, and lets not forget about the edge you guys have - - it's all good. On one of the recent "free stuff" weekends, you added a pack of gum that we cannot even purchase from your site anymore - which was a real treat to find. I love the inexpensive little items in your sale section - the little notebooks, the pill boxes, the books you used to have, etc. which make great stocking-type stuffer items. I know that those things are probably going to run out and not be replaced, but please consider that while their worth may be small, people like that kind of inexpensive stuff. It's obvious you guys think things the whole way through - even to the end, with the boxes you use to send your items in ("we just want you to be happy"), to the extra little things I've been finding in my orders lately - like those fun little magnets from your current items that you don't even offer for sale. What a nice surprise, and what a great idea. Blue Q, I love it - I love it all. Thank you so very much!
Comment By: Tracy6 years ago 
1% goes to "DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS" for one pair of these socks. One percent...out of almost 10.00 US dollars$ NOT enough, IMHO. That just left me w/ a cart full on your site to delete my order now. Too bad, to think the quality of those socks have more cotton than regular "hipster" socks. I'm amused at the products and the site. But all that leaves an unfavorable thought in my head and an imaginary bad taste in my imaginary mouth. Phhffftt. Seriously? !!!
Comment By: L6 years ago 

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