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July 14, 2014

Looking Amazing

The garden is looking amazing!

We had a few challenges with our soil being too “hot” this spring, but some of our early plants thrived nonetheless. We had a stellar crop of peas, and our warehouse crew kept picking and picking them in June. Today, we finally harvested the last bunch (a huge container that Tina was proud to show off), and then pulled out the pea plants.

‘Til next year, peas!

Now that we finally have our soil problems resolved (we think), we did a bunch more planting today: tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cucumber, squash. Once again, expert gardener Julia out-planted us all.

Mitch took charge of the weeding, while Aaron and Bill helped Caity to plant some stunning tall verbena plants beneath our mini-Eiffel Towers. These guys were getting their hands dirty!

But the highlight of today’s gardening session was the snails. Jenna and Tina shrieked when they first saw the little slimy buggers – but they were all smiles when the snails stuck their heads out from beneath their shells, showed off their antennae, and looked up. Pretty cool.

Thanks a Bunch!

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Whata great way to share space at the office. Keep up the good work. Nothing better than a freshly picked pea, mine never make it into the house.
Comment By: Michele8 years ago 
looks great, careful the snails will ravage the garden,really!!! Much luck and I love the Q!!!!!
Comment By: kristen8 years ago 

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