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Love is Freedom, Joy, Amazing Forgiveness, Beauty, ALWAYS thinking and singing "All you need is Love, Love is ALL you need". Love brings out the best in people. I had a job that I so loved it filled my heart with so much joy (left a job from hell); brought out the best, gifts, talents, Joy unspeakable, would sing all the way home and there I loved my job. IFirst (I) Corinthians 13:all. Live LOVE and The Golden Rule.
Comment By: Dana6 years ago 
But then I'd be broke.......I don't know just that I think working here is not like working and all the people that work at the Q are lucky as shit.....and i have been buying BlueQ shit since it's inception.....I'll answer questions like I work here WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION ONLY A SELECT FEW KNOW? (something like that) That Chaka from Land of the Lost belongs to the species Pakuni IT'S SUNDAY MORNING WHAT ARE YOU DOING? procrastinating (this answer can be applied to any day of the week at any time of the day) PET PEEVES? text "talk" especially LOL ugh I hated even having to type that when, no matter how hard I try, there is sometimes a booger that I can't reach I love all the changes you made to your website I haven't procrastinated here in a long time but boy howdy I am sure glad I did
Comment By: beth6 years ago 

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