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October 24, 2014

May The Best Reviews Win!


Did you know that there is a place on each and every product page for you to leave a review? And a photo!? Well, now you do.

We've had such a blast reading all of your thoughts and comments, where you brought your bags, when you wore your socks... and we want more! So, we decided to offer a little incentive. Leave a review on any product before October 27th and you'll be automatically entered into our Review Contest! When all is said and done, we'll review your reviews (get it!?) and our favorite 5 contributors will receive a big bag of Blue Q goodies, worth $50! Bonus points if you include a snapshot!

Wait, why are you still reading this? Go, go, go!

P.S. High-five and thanks to the awesome Martha Rich for creating our contest image!

Thanks a Bunch!

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LOVE your socks! They are so comfortable & fun to wear & read. I buy them for friends & family for gifts!
Comment By: Carol5 years ago 
As a human sexuality teacher at the college level, I would give gum to my students as a celebration of the end of the class. It was great fun and the girls wanted "I love my penis" gum for their boyfriends and the boys wanted the same gum because it was so cool. What fun we had and BlueQ is awesome.
Comment By: Jean6 years ago 
People think I'm hilarious, but really I'm just a hateful snarky bi*#h with passive aggressive tendencies, who knows when to laugh. I love being able to find well made affordable off the wall gifts that make me seem fun and funny... After all, gift giving us about me after all! And just between you and me... Some of the gifts didn't quite make it to the intended receiver because I loved them so much. (Again- about me!). However, some of the gifts just had to be "gifted"...I can't resist, for instance, creating cute little gift baskets with some of the gums, wipes, bath stuff and socks!
Comment By: Shawnda6 years ago 
Blue Q: Real Cool Crap for Cool, Real People It’s a typical morning. You’ve barely had your morning coffee and you already want to bitch slap about a Baker’s Dozen of your Facebook “friends.” Their perky, self-important posts are about to make you lose your McMuffin when you see the awaited email from your special friend at Blue Q. Unlike your Facebook friends, this is a clever, intelligent, observant friend who understands bad days, bad bosses, bad credit and bad karma. This is a sly, ironic friend who sells the hard stuff. This friend at Blue Q has the real shit you can buy and then share with your real cool, real friends. Your real friends will understand that Douche Baguette gum is pure poetry; that cynical socks make leg tattoos irrelevant and that super hip bicycle bags can give you the same cheap buzz as boxed wine. Only the truly cool can appreciate Hand Shit, Lip Shit and a breath spray that gives you a British accent! Only a kindred soul with a truly bad boss will “get” the need (not a want--no, it is much more than that…) to whip out your Visa and order a package of Chiclets-style gum with a suave, smoking stud saying, “There is no I in Team, but there is a You in Fuck You” to share with every last one of your co-workers. (Excluding said boss). And yes, should you have acquaintances, sisters, or mothers-in-law who just might not get the edgy, not-so-subtle commentaries on current social mores… Blue Q also sells the gateway stuff: trendy, retro, fashion bags, artsy paper lanterns and $0.99 watering can magnets. As Socrates once so wisely said, “the un-Blue-Q’ed life is not worth living.”
Comment By: Marianne6 years ago 
At a fundraiser last year I received a Blue Q handbag as part of my contribution to the organization I was attending. Many of my friends did too. Over the past year we are all wearing our bags, commenting on how much we like them but the most surprising part of all is how they are holding up. Not one of them has ripped or torn. They all look perfect! Everyone should own a Blue Q handbag.
Comment By: Nanci6 years ago 
Well… I don't know where to begin! I have a serious addiction to collecting and gifting your products. This started years ago with some Jesus had a sister item. I adore this company and their mission to make the world a happy place. The irreverent and profound wording on the packaging and products makes me feel that there are kindred spirits out there and this gives me such a peaceful and happy heart. I love all the bags, the banks, the socks, and the soaps. I love some so much that I have 2 of the exact same item. If you are a friend of mine you will be gifted with items from Blue Q exclusively. Even the box that items are shipped in make me happy. I think you guys are brilliant and I am so lucky I found you!
Comment By: jean6 years ago 
I love my Fat Cat coin purse. It's cool, a convenient size and easy to find in my purse because of it's bright colors. It is so cool and durable that it inspired me. Because of it's unique texture I can find it in my purse without even looking - i.e. In an emergency. So I filled mine with those little things that can save the day and boy have they! With what I can fit in that little coin purse, I can: - relieve headache , body ache , or save someone from a heart attack ( Advil & aspirin ) - fix glasses, open a clogged bottle , fix a hem, strap , necklace clasp or earring, let air out of an overfilled tire or make a branding iron for very tiny cattle. ( paper clip/ safety pin) - leave a message, take a message, write down a tag number , give someone my information( post it ) - get my hair out of my eyes, off my neck, shoot at someone to get their attention ( hair elastic ) - fix a boo boo ( band aid) - stop a stain from setting in ( shout wipe) - open a box , seat belt, make shelter and hunt ? ( pocket knife) - avoid bad breath , spinach in the teeth ( mint/ floss pick) - be ready for a parking meter ( quarters) - give a smile , a gift ,reward a good deed, or eat from a $1 menu ( oragami dollar shirt / kitty pin ) - stay sanitary top to bottom( face wipe/wet one) - fix hang nail, crooked nails , escape from jail ( Emory board ) - everything else ( funtak putty. & Kleenex ) I'm getting several more of these to save the lives of my friends this Christmas. Thank You Blue Q! Jill Billions PS Trying to send a picture!
Comment By: Jill6 years ago 
I spend the year checking out the page, buying stuff (all cool stuff), love Free Stuff when it comes, love the sales, love the seconds. Big plans to gift my best buds with cool stuff on birthdays, Christmas, whatever celebration. End of the year comes and it's really, really hard to part with the cool stuff … my buds get some, sure, but …
Comment By: Linda6 years ago 
Last Christmas I had never heard of Blue Q, and now I have been transformed into a living "less-wrinkled Goddess!!!" I bought some Lip Shit and popped it into my son's Christmas stocking, and he had bought me some Hand Shit and popped it into mine...weird huh??? One day I couldn't find my face cream which was the kind or cream that emptied my wallet every 3 months (I don't have much in my wallet) so I covered my wrinkly face with Hand Shit and I loved the way it felt on my skin! I continued to use it for a couple of months and I SWEAR that my wrinkles are fading away...not to mention my son has had more dates in the last year than he's ever had...must be the Lip Shit!!! Also BECAUSE I don't have much in my wallet I ordered some change purses...which rock and I use them to stuff into my homemade Christmas Crackers...same with the Bad Ass Toothbrush Holder because at 57 years old...I AM A BAD ASS!!! Also when the delivery comes to my door I jump up and down with excitement because sometimes there is an extra little unexpected gift inside...nothing you could be arrested for. Also the benefit of displaying my Hand Shit and my Bad Ass Toothbrush Holder together on the counter has really made visitors to my "tinkle parlour" respect me and fear yes I am a transformed wrinkle-less Bad Ass and my son has a transformed love life all because of you guys at Blue Q....who I love because you always make me laugh!!! Jenny ....PS I am going to try to post the pic I just took...OMG I have no life!!!
Comment By: Jenny6 years ago 
Great products...most appreciated and wanted gifts. Always hear "Where did you get that!?" stuff all the time!
Comment By: Mora6 years ago 
Oh, where to begin... I have always loved your bags- I have quite a few myself and LOVE to give a Blue Q handy tote instead of a paper gift bag. My latest purchase of your Pretty Bird shoulder tote has to be by far my favorite! I can't believe how much that sucker can carry- shoes, lunch, books and whatever else I stuff in it! The fact that it has a zipper to keep it all in is the best part! I look so pulled together tote'in my tote on my way to work! Thanks for an exceptional product!
Comment By: Tracey6 years ago 
So it all started with Total Bitch, what 5 years ago then it turned to LOVE!! Everything from coin purses to handy totes. My kids flaunt their coin purses and overnight bags (besides being cool, they are durable - did I mention my kids use them daily). Then you read my mind with the socks. All the things I mean to say, but can't. The best gift ever was giving my grandmother Your Ass is Grass socks. She would leave a note in the fridge saying the same thing if you got something out then wasted it. So LOVE all the products. Don't have room for all the pictures I could post. My friends know if I like you, you get Blue Q. If I don't, oh well sucks for you!
Comment By: Robin6 years ago 
Wow that is awesome a review of a contest of a review - I think you're brilliant (I am too see how I used the right your) Anyhoo- best contest ever ... Oh, wait? the review of the products,? OHhh Ok not this one then, never mind.
Comment By: Gwen6 years ago 

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