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December 23, 2021

Never Miss A Holiday Party


Pandemic, Shcmandemic! If you know one thing about Blue Q, you know that we’d never miss a holiday party. In lieu of gathering this year, we handed out boxes of fine food cooked by local cheffy-buddy Brian Alberg, to be heated at home. Vegetarians received pumpkin and squash ravioli on a bed of “lentil ragu” and carnivores got braised short-ribs. Everyone got wine, cheese and “suitcase shrimp” (IYKYK) along with commemorative placemats and a to-die-for chocolate cake. Everyone also took home a 2021 Holiday Party party favor, a hand-hot-glued, first-edition Bencivengo’s Bowl Blaster! 

As our Blue Q cultural ambassadors, the members of Team Trumpet also created a magical holiday market -- a morphing mainstay of holiday parties past. As is tradition, each employee gets a number of tickets to drop into boxes which correspond with the fabulous gifts that cover the table. This year, over the course of a few socially-distanced days, staff hoped, prayed and gambled to their hearts content, and we had the final drawing yesterday. Prizes included a stay in NYC, a bonus day off, a case of prosecco and a trio of three thermometers! Congratulations to all the winners and joy-filled holiday to all!

Next year in the holy land, as they say. (The “holy land” being the office, of course.)

Thanks a Bunch!

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I remember how generous the owners were at Christmas time. I still mention this to people to let them know that some companies actually care for the people that work for them. Glad to know that 20 years later nothings changed!
Comment By: Kari2 years ago 

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