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April 04, 2019

Pat Hogan Rocks the Berkshire Museum

So who wants to hear all about our latest field trip?

What's that? OH, EVERYONE? No problem!!

We just cruised into the Berkshire Museum yesterday like it was our job or something. Oh wait, it kind of is. So awesome.

Pat Hogan from CATA, who teaches art with our BCArc Crew every Thursday, was there, of course. Her exhibit was our first stop! I think I speak for everyone when I say that we were really excited to see what kind of art gets her creative juices flowing. And she was kind enough to tell us a bit about her process for making each piece. What's cooler than a guided tour by the artist herself?

Pat has quite of few of her paintings on view and they're frickin' amazing. There were a few that Cait called the "Moon Series." You haven't seen the most recent CATA group project with maps kind of being used as a canvas, BUT you will - and they're really cool. Turns out, Pat has experimented with using maps in some of her own pieces as well. It's really inspiring the way Pat uses the same techniques with the guys as she does in her own work. She was asking everyone in the group a lot of questions to gauge whether or not anything they saw was something they'd like to try in class.

At one point Mitch asked her how long it takes her to complete a painting and she laughed and said "Seventy-Two Years." We are so lucky to have such a gifted artist right here in our midst, willing to share her time and wisdom with all of us. That shit is enriching.

After that we roamed around the rest of the museum, generally causing havoc and messing with Leonardo Da Vinci's crazy machines, and staring down piranhas. No biggie.


John and Missy

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I couldn't love BlueQ more. Thanks for making such great products, being such great people, and for making the world a happier place too.
Comment By: Christy2 years ago 
Peed my pants this morning laughing at all the new shit. Awesome!
Comment By: Teresa2 years ago 
Hey, it's awesome to know you are supporting artists who turn around and support other artists, especially artists who share their time and knowledge with artists with disabilities! Very cool! Your fan and customer from Arts Unbound in New Jersey, Celene Ryan
Comment By: Celene2 years ago 
Your stuff cheers me up, especially the cat things. Thank you!
Comment By: Constance2 years ago 

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