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May 18, 2015

Pip & Co.

“The lawnmower sheep are back in the solar field. Best sentence ever. Only at Blue Q can I say things like that.” - Pat French

Eleven of them! Not just sheep – mama sheep and baby sheep. As in ewes and lambs. Actual little lambs, some just weeks old. Yes, they are every ounce as adorable as the word lamb implies. These are Soay sheep from a tiny island off the coast of Scotland, a rare and ancient breed.

We all gathered around to watch and a cheer went up like the fourth of July as they hopped gleefully from the back of the truck and into the lush springtime grasses of our lawn beside the Housatonic River. The littlest one is named Pip and not one among us had the strength to keep from falling for this runty little heartbreaker. (I’m pretty sure the song “Tiny Dancer” by Sir Elton John isn’t actually about sheep, but that’s the song playing in the warehouse right now, and it seems awfully fitting to me.)

Pip and Co. leapt unhesitatingly to the ground and half of them began immediately munching the green, sun imbued grass, the other half bounding about, exploring their new summer pastures. I think they liked it.

Thanks a Bunch!

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@LM Kregel Not sure! Although I will say that our sheep seem pretty picky about what they chew on - and not nearly as destructive as goats.
Comment By: Blue 5 years ago 
My brother bought part of an old apple orchard, and considered getting a few goats but decided against as they damage apple trees. How are your sheep with apple trees?
Comment By: LM5 years ago 
What an awesome story. I love the concept of your organization.
Comment By: Laura 5 years ago 

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