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January 21, 2015

Profanity Makes Talking Fun

For a while I thought "It’s a beautiful day, don’t fuck it up" was my favorite Blue Q one-liner but with the addition of "profanity makes talking fun" I’m just not sure. Either way the people at Strong Language ("a sweary blog about swearing") would surely approve. If you like word origins and such (and who doesn’t) and you like swear words (again, who doesn't) you’ll enjoy this scholarly and obscene blog. Here’s a taste of what they do from an entry about saying “blankety-blank” instead of actually cursing.

“BLANKETY. — A euphemistic oath, the derivation of which is clearly an outcome of the practice of representing an oath in printing by a dash or blank space e.g., d—d [instead of damned]. Blankety is used in many combinations, a person being told to be blankety blank blanked, or that a thing is not as good as another by a blankety blank blank sight.

...But the stylized euphemism blankety-blank has, in a sense, been re-vulgarized, with the blanks replaced by fucks. Now we get fuckity-fuck as a new kind of vulgar reduplication. If the euphemistic blankety-blank is getting replaced by the dysphemistic fuckity-fuck, the old rhythm remains. Many of the examples I’ve mentioned involve extended litanies of swearing, where maintaining a rapid-fire delivery is key. Interestingly, fuckity-fuck and its variants have entered some people’s standard repertoire of swears… It’s a peculiar case of modern-day expletives carrying a trace of deleted expletives from the past.”

[ed. note: John Hayes, this makes my heart sing!]

P.S. – Studies have shown that cussers have less stress than prudes who keep it all bottled up. True fucking fact.

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