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August 14, 2014

Smile on the phone


Even though you cannot be seen.

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As The Body Language Pro, I coach, write and present on all things body language. Yes, yes, yes! Smiling on the phone works! So does -- having a mirror at your desk and looking at yourself when you are talking on the phone; standing up when you are speaking on the phone, gesturing to emphasize what you are saying. Your body does not lie, so let it help you tell the truth.
Comment By: Barbara 1 year ago 
Let's have bags that are rocking funny for juicy crones, meaning ole ladies who say things like: When I get Old, They will forever be saying, "What on earth is she doing now." Possible image: Globe with airplane jaunts drawn, going forward and backwards, like old age itself
Comment By: cynthia2 years ago 
i do this :)
Comment By: a lori3 years ago 
Your smile can be HEARD!
Comment By: Meg4 years ago 

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