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July 21, 2014

Special Delivery for Stephen


Oh man, so many things are happening with Steven this summer. First, he’s growing his hair crazy long, despite strong opposition from his coworkers. And second, Steven busted his finger. I won’t tell you how it happened because that would just be embarrassing for him, but I will give you a hint: He banged it into an unsuspecting door jam. Anyway, what started off an unsightly finger bruise turned into a late-night emergency room visit and “geyser” of blood. Lucky for him, the bandage put his hand in a permanent give-‘em-the-bird position.

Welp, our friends at Inaluxe got wind of Steven and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Finger Injury and promptly sent him this lovely note and bandage embellishment. Thanks in large part to their support, he’s doing much better today. And, now he has no excuse not to cut his hair.

Thanks, Inaluxe!

Thanks a Bunch!

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