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September 15, 2014

Stick You Very Much


Remember that one time that we asked you guys to send in sticks for our stick collection? Well, boy howdy, we can’t believe how many we got!

We got long sticks, short sticks, colorful sticks, and lots of stick jokes from near and far. One person even brought her stick right to our front door.

As promised, we mailed out a thank you package to the first 8 senders. (I know, I know. We said we’d send something to the first 5, but we just couldn’t help ourselves! Plus, we love even numbers.) They each received a few small bags, Luxury Soap, Lip Shit, and some other stuff, including their very own stick direct from BQ HQ. Now we’re all Stick Sisters! (And Brothers, of course.)

So we just want to say, again, thanks so much for all your participation. You guys are the absolute best! And your hair looks great today.

Thanks a Bunch!

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Please let me know if you hear of any other stick appreciation activity anywhere. I collect sticks and am paying $950 monthly to store them with the hopes I will gain a large shop space to make cool small crafty things here in Olympia WA. That has not materialized for 2.75 years and I am now facing the need to burn it or trash it since i no longer have a place for my wood stove. Any help from anyone reading this would be awesome. P.S. If there is anyway to get the pictures of the sticks and notes in better resolution I would sure appreciate it. I love all Blue Q does. If I return to Berkshire county for good someday, I hope to apply for a job to help you spread your work and message of good. P.S.S. And since I can only read 2/7 seven jokes above, I feel the need to leave one of my own even though I did not submit a stick. Enjoy! Q: what is brown and sticky? A: a stick thank you, Rama Lash shahua_nema@yahoo.com
Comment By: Rama3 years ago 
I adore your stuff so much. Brilliant artists and writers. But hey, how about representing wiener dogs? Just askin'... Love ya, mean it...
Comment By: Liz4 years ago 

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