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June 21, 2017

What’s in my bag: Tarot cards


People come up to me all the time to say how much they love my Blue Q bags. And while that’s nice, of course – who doesn’t like a compliment? – it’s especially satisfying when people say “I have one of those! It’s great for carrying laundry!” Or “… my sewing kit!” Or “… firewood!” There’s nothing better than learning about how our bags are used out there, in the world, by you. It’s like they connect us in this cool way, like one big 95% recycled kumbaya circle.

Over the years we’ve received a lot of interesting reports from the field. But a totally new one fell into our laps a few months ago when Melissa emailed to say how perfectly paired our Zipper Pouches and her tarot cards were. Tarot cards? How cool!

We loved the feedback so we sent her a few more pouches to tote, just a little thank you for being such a loyal fan. And then, to thank us for the thank you, Melissa agreed to give Blue Q a reading. Double cool!

So, thanks for the thanks for our thanks for your friendship, Melissa! It was so great, and super fun, to meet you! Read below to see what Melissa's reading revealed!

Blue Q's Reading: Five of Wands (inverted), The Fool, and Death.

The company was born out of silliness and taking chances. Honestly, I'm surprised you succeeded, which is a great reason to keep taking chances and being silly. It works for you. The Death card means change, though, and in this instance, means growing pains. Change is vital in life, and if you don't choose change, life will choose for you and you won't be happy with the results. 

The middle two cards are about reorganizing. The ten of Wands inverted tells me that you've reorganized HOW you do things, and now you need to reorganize WHY you do things. The Queen of Wands reminds you to focus on a structure of the company like a skeleton -- strong, clean bones, decorated with sass and tattoos and fun. 

The final card is the Future. Temperance tells us that balance is the key. Strong infrastructure, goofy ass designs and silliness at your heart, charity and volunteering and staying green. These are your core values. Don't forget them!

Deck: Housewives tarot | Photographer: Melissa's husband Joe, Crossroad Images

Read more about Melissa and her Blue Q bag love here!

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I am your biggest bag fan! You are my heros! I am an organizer freak! Your bags are fun and keep my OCD at it's finest. I am a graphic designer and artist and appreciate the graphics, messages on every sock, tin and bag. Thanks you for your existence and keeping my coin bag empty because I am always buying a new bag!!!!!!
Comment By: Maura2 years ago 
I love this funny and silly company and it's products. When my husband and I are not getting along I will leave him a little sarcastic gum packet around the house somewhere I know he will find it right away. He reads it and then can't help but to laugh and it smooths the waters. I love the fact that the inside of the package also has funny sayings. I'm always excited for him to open them so I can see what it says. The gum is actually really good too. Keep up the great work guys. I need to get some of those great dish towels. The banana one and the baby animal one especially makes me laugh.
Comment By: Crystal3 years ago 
Best stuff ever!! Especially the funny socks. I try to buy my friend a pair every Christmas. She loved the "sock whore" pair I gave her a couple of years ago. And yes she is a super sock whore.
Comment By: Jean3 years ago 
You guys have the COOLEST SH*T !!! Thanks for being awesome
Comment By: maggie4 years ago 
um...I LOVE YOU!!
Comment By: Joyce4 years ago 

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