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May 01, 2018

Who's Hungry?


First we searched online for reference images of hamburgers and grills. There are lots of different kinds of grills – fewer different kinds of hamburgers. Then we went to the warehouse for some paint, but forgot the brushes. So we cut up the cardboard while we waited for Christina to go to and come back from the warehouse, grabbing the brushes that we forgot on her way. Then we spent a full morning painting and gluing and giggling. We were ready.

But that afternoon the weather turned; it got rainy and cold. We had to stack up our props and wait, which took a couple days. Finally the sun came out but it was looking like a crazy day for everyone, with meetings about this and lunches for that. The only time to do it was first thing. So instead of getting together for our morning meeting and talking about numbers and projections and customer service questions and product development updates, we went outside and shot the photo. The whole office walked away from their desks for a half hour to make googly eyes at some cardboard hamburgers. All of us, except Amber. She was busy holding up the picnic table.

You might say that's a little crazy. You might think about all the time and effort and manpower we spent and ask, "You did all that for a photo? For a web blast? Of an oven mitt? For one oven mitt that takes up 5% of the photo and 0.3% of your product line??" And we'd think about the way we made something with our hands, and how we spent time all together doing something ridiculous, and that we got to entertain you at the same time, and we'd say "yes." The answer is always "yes."

Thanks a Bunch!

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You guys MUST need a librarian on staff, right??
Comment By: Michelle3 years ago 
You folks are wicked pissa!
Comment By: Mishi3 years ago 
Man, I don't know how long I stared at this photo-shoot. It's so brilliant! I just love it!
Comment By: Bridgette3 years ago 

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