Loveis Wise


Washington, DC

Loveis Wise is an artist, illustrator and Capricorn from Washington, D.C., currently residing in Los Angeles. Their work is centered around playfulness, liberation, community and joy! They have collaborated with brands and publications such as Google, Apple, HarpersCollins, The New Yorker, Warby Parker, Twitter, REI, among many others.

"Go the hell outside!!"

What was your favorite thing to draw as a child? Why did that lodge in your head?

I loved drawing portraits because I enjoyed really seeing a person and trying to capture their essence and flowers, of course — I guess some things never change!

Listen to music while you work? Anything special in your work space that unleashes your creative juices?

I absolutely love putting on a playlist that captures the energy of whatever I'm drawing as I'm making, and I always love having a candle lit or an incense going to help inspire me!

Did you have a magic moment when you knew you wanted art to be your life?

That feeling came very young for me, but I think it was post-graduation from art school and the feeling of imposter syndrome leaving my body that helped me to realize how cool it was that I made creating and drawing important to my life and that I wanted to continue flowing in that direction!

Any activities, exercises or strategies to pull yourself out of the occasional artistic rut?

I try to give myself space to make really bad-silly-goofy art that only I get to see and keep doing it until I find something that I enjoy in there!

How does creativity run in your family, even if it’s not design-related?

A lot of the folks in my family ended up in the direction of beauty and hairstyling. My mother was a hairstylist and my grandparents, too. They also owned a beauty salon that I grew up in! But it was through my dad that I learned about photography and drawing, and it really inspired me.