Tatyana Alanis


Fort Worth, TX

Tatyana Alanis is an illustrator and designer from Anaheim, California, now residing in Fort Worth, Texas. Under the name French 75 Studios she creates illustrations inspired by a mix of nostalgia and present day, depicting timeless illustrations of her interpretation of everyday life.

“I would draw all over the walls as a kid.”

What did you get in trouble for as a kid? Anything adults told you to avoid that’s actually a big part of your life now?

I would draw all over the walls as a kid, and this would drive my mom insane. Looking back, she is 100% right for being upset, but I did grow up to be an artist, so it's not all for nothing.

What was your favorite thing to draw as a child? Why did that lodge in your head?

My mom and I would sit and draw our dream houses together. Ever since I was very small I have had an affinity for drawing quiet moments and architecture.

Where do you work? What’s your workspace like? Any objects you’ve had for a long time?

I work any and everywhere, I think that's my favorite thing about my job. I have a studio that I spend most of my time in. It's filled with all of my favorite things and some random stuff I've picked up along the way: paintings, books, Davide, my betta fish. My studio is my safe space. I have photos hanging up in my studio of my friends and me in elementary school (we are all still friends now), some of my favorite toys from when I was a child I use as knickknacks
now, my favorite storybooks that I use for art direction and inspiration. I'm a pretty nostalgic person and use everything from my life to influence the art that I create.

How does creativity run in your family, even if it’s not design-related?

I come from a long family of musicians and artists. I have family members in Earth, Wind, and Fire and The Temptations.

Any activities, exercises or strategies to pull yourself out of the occasional artistic rut?

Video games and yoga.