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Go Yummy Overnighter

Designed by our brilliant pals at 64 Colors. Sweet chunky zipper! And now, made of 95% recycled post consumer material.
14"h x 27.5"w
Go Yummy Overnighter

Or, How about something like this?

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Review By: Brett2 months ago 
Begging you to bring back this bag. It is THE BEST gym bag, also all other purposes noted by other fans.
Review By: Michele3 months ago 
Add me to the list of fans. Please bring this bag back. I use it all the time: Weekend trips, art supplies, gym bag. It's so awesome. I'm begging here: Pleeeeeeeaaaaase!!!!!
Review By: A6 months ago 
I own three of these, one for each child, I can't say enough how awesome this bag is!!! I wish you would bring it back!!! It's the perfect bag!!!
Review By: Tea8 months ago 
PLEASE DONT GET RID OF THESE!! I bought one of these and I love it. Actually- make more of this with different designs! I would buy! Thanks!
Review By: Donna8 months ago 
PLEASE bring this style back in more designs! Sad won't even begin to cover it if I can't get any more overnighter bags. It's my favorite bag - not just from BlueQ - but my favorite bag out of every bag ever made. I ordered two of this style just to hoard them because I'm dreading the day my other one finally gives out on me (which by the way, I've been using for about 5 years through college, art classes, and TWO month long trips abroad). When people ask me what I keep in that crazy bag I always respond with "my whole life". I use my overnighter EVERY DAY and it's still going strong. I'm tempted to describe this bag as both "indestructible" and "bottomless". It's the only bag I own that never runs out of space. I wasn't crazy about the Go Yummy design on the website, but I am crazy about this style bag... but once I got it I realized I actually love the print so much more in person!
Review By: Karina10 months ago 
i love this bag. I FREAKING LOVE IT. Sadly, when I noticed there was only one design left, I contacted customer service and they informed me that yes, this bag was no longer. So I, no joke, bought about 10 of these. Because they are amazing. They carry all the things. Supermarket trips? check. schleping things back and forth from work? check. yoga bag? check. actual weekending use? check. THIS BAG DOES EVERYTHING, AND ITS LEAVING ME. SOOOO SAD.
Review By: Jennifer10 months ago 
I agree with the other reviewers...please don't stop making this bag. I have it in the "cargo" design and I just love it for laundry and weekend trips. Please make it in more patterns.
Review By: Christy11 months ago 
Please don't phase out this style of bag! In fact, please make more designs! I bought this to use as a diaper bag, but it's actually too big! It works great for carrying my diaper bag and purse together, though. I will definitely be using it for a BEACH BAG! Very spacious and sturdy! I've gotten so many compliments on it, too!
Review By: Liz1 year ago 
LOVE these bags!! Please don't phase them out! More, more, MORE!!
Review By: Vanessa1 year ago 
Great bag! It holds so much. I packed 4 days worth of clothes in it and 2 pair of shoes. Wish Blue Q had more designs to choose from. I would love to buy another one.
Review By: Heather1 year ago 
This bag was very handy running back and forth form my parents house (a hundred miles away) for the occasional weekend trip.. I used it for the third time this weekend and I noticed to sides at the top, close to where the zippers are is turning from the lovely white color to a dirty tan color. I thought at first it was dirt, but cleaning it did no good. It now appears to be a permanent discoloration. I can live with it, but I am not pleased.
Review By: Julie2 years ago 
Best bag ever!! Spacious, zipper closure, sturdy straps, adorable design, and WATERPROOF!! Folds flat, so I pack it in my suitcase as a "just in case" bag.
Review By: Tracy2 years ago 
I love this bag so much I ordered a second one. It's spacious inside and carries a BUNCH OF STUFF. If you like the asian characters with arms and legs like I do, get this bag before they're all gone.
Review By: Marisol2 years ago 
I adore this overnighter, pictures don't do it justice but, this bag is incredibly spaceous!!! I took this with me on a road trip to Georgia and all I ended up taking was this bag, my purse and the Marshall Marshmallow Shoulder Tote (also from BlueQ, I purchased these about 2 years ago give or take. The Marshall Marshmallow shoulder tote seems to be gone now) while my my 3 girl friends ended up taking 2-3 large pieces of travel gear! I definitely recommend these overnighters and I fell in love with this design on the spot. I've purchased all bag-like items with asian styles and cute food styles from here. Seriously, you can't go wrong! ~Mara, Proud BlueQ Bags Buyer


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