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Wash Away Your Sins Liquid Hand Soap

Go forth cleansed from sin, ready to do-it-again. Easter Lily Scent.
8 oz./236 ml
Wash Away Your Sins Liquid Hand Soap

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Review By: Sandy2 years ago 
I have purchased "Wash Away Your Sins" wipes; lip balm and liquid soap. I gave bottles to several of my priest friends (those who have a sense of humor, of course) and they loved it. I'm happy that it is back again! There was a period of tiem when I could not find it on your site and was told it was discontinued. So happy it's back.
Review By: Kerri3 years ago 
We got one of the "Wash Your Sins Away" liquid hand soaps for my mother-in-law. Our priest happened to see and and now we have to buy one for him too.
Review By: jean3 years ago 
Yay! I'm so happy to see this product! I have the air freshener spray but haven't seen any other Wash Away Your Sins items in a long time. Awesome.
Review By: Sarah3 years ago 
I love this product, well I actually love all the Wash Away Your Sins products. My father-in-law is a Baptist minister with an awesome sense of humor, so all of the Wash Away products are perfect gifts for him -- which is huge, because, let's be real: what the fuck do you buy for a minister? Before my husband and I were married, I gave him the Wash Away Your Sins laundry bag (because I refused to miss any opportunity to give him shit about being a preacher's kid). It was a big hit, even though he didn't get the passive-aggressive subtext to pick his dirty clothes up off the floor. Please keep making more of this line of products, because my father-in-law keeps having birthdays every year. Your biggest fan, Sarah


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