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Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Liquid Hand Soap

Because, hey, you never know. Better to be safe than sorry. No offense to you specifically, ok? I wash after shaking in general. Shaking hands! I wash after shaking hands. That's what I meant to say. Fresh Meadow scent with Aloe!
8 oz./236 ml
Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Liquid Hand Soap

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Review By: Gwen3 years ago 
True story! It was the holidays, my moms house is loaded with family. While she was cooking away with her familiaI apron in the kitchen, I switch the soap. I replace it on the marbled pink bathroom counter circa 1968 right where it should be. Everyone that comes out laughing immediately goes to the kitchen to find my mom (their Auntie Bunny, Grammy, Sibling and Neighbor etc) "I love your soap" they grunt out with a laugh and snort "Oh thanks, I bought it at the Walmarts" she replies unknowingly and smiles a simple yet loaded grin - "what the hell are they about" she thinks. This happens more than once. In fact it continues all evening until she uses the "lavatory" as she likes to call it. Turns out she didn't like it "not one bit" and would never consider such a product in mixed company. Sooo.. I highly recommend it! A. - to prove that some moms are cooler than others AND II.)- for when you want to see the family gather enjoy a little humor at your moms expense.
Review By: holly3 years ago 
I'm conducting an experiment with this soap... if my guests don't comment on the label, they are lacking one of two things: proper hygiene ir a sense of humor. The soap smells nice, too!


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