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Peacock Zipper Pouch

We think this gorgeous little number might go very well with it's Shopper, thank you very much. Art by Catalina Estrada. 95% recycled post-consumer material has a crushed, wrinkled look when sewn.
7.25"h x 9.5"w
Peacock Zipper Pouch

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have gotten rave reviews for this pouch. wish you made it in the crossbody style....hint, hint....i carry it everyday and on trips in my backpack. it's my only purse.
Review By: heather1 year ago 
The only problem with this bag is that I'm not sure whatever I put in it is as pretty as the outside. I mean, you have to understand, when you buy a bag like this, and open it up on a regular basis, you have to really bring it in terms of what you actually put in it to avoid gigantic disappointment. That's why I use this one for jewelry- it's the perfect size for bracelets. I also own it in a few other patterns for make up bags, hair "thingies" for my kid, and a pencil bag.
Review By: Megan 2 years ago 
Hi, I'm Katie, and I am lucky enough to work at Blue Q. I'm testing the review option here, but I really do love this bag. It's stunning.
Review By: Katie2 years ago 


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