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Evidence Zipper Pouch

NOTICE: Do not tamper with contents! This is not a toy. In case of extreme curiosity, persons may inspect contents in the following non-touch manners: smelling, shaking, listening to, and/or speaking with. Art by Adam Hill. 95% recycled post-consumer material
7.25"h x 9.5"w
Evidence Zipper Pouch

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I love this zipper pouch ! It's made of good material, it's super cute and unique, and it's just awesome all together ! The look on peoples faces when I pull this out of my messenger bag (which I also got on blueq) is priceless ! Everyone always asks me where I got it cause it's so cool ^_^ Definitely happy with my purchase
Review By: Summer11 months ago 
Love it! I am a forensic nurse and I am ordering them for all of the nurses I work with!
Review By: Jill1 year ago 
I had the right amount of curiosity to order this, and the graphic is incredibly funny. I was especially amused by the fine print. I'd quote it here, but I think it's confidential! Thanks for making this..it made my day!
Review By: Jessica1 year ago 
This bag is so cool. I'm in my 60's, so usually don't say "cool", but that's the best word to describe it. Love this bag!
Review By: Marilyn1 year ago 


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