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Cell Phones Shoulder Tote

A collection of long ago things that went "beep". Made with 95% post consumer recycled material, a roomy exterior pocket, and shoulder length straps.
11"h x 15"w x 6.25"d
Cell Phones Shoulder Tote

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Review By: Rebecca1 year ago 
I just ordered three more of these. I've had three of four over the years. Don't get me wrong, though, it's not because they aren't durable. I just love them and I keep giving them away as gifts. I hope they are here forever! Sad the matching zip pouch is no longer in the store, but mine is still in good shape.
Review By: Jessica4 years ago 
I shoulda written this review a few months ago.. I love this bag for a few reasons. First, the design, I've owned a lot of these phones. The next best part is the size and structure. It is the best grocery bag I've ever had. kind of the "gateway" bag for me, I've purchased lots of Blue Q bags since! P.S.: the very best part is how kind the customer service is! Only had a zipper problem once and they were right on it. Thanks again! :)
Review By: Saundra5 years ago 
Okay so when I got this bag I was AMAZED how big it was. I could have seriously emptied every bathroom drawer from every bathroom in the house and still have had a lot more room in this bag. So I was thinking to myself what could I use this big wonderful bag for. Well duh, to hold all my little bags that were shoved into a box in my closet. When stored in here they don't get smashed or bent. It is a fantastic find. Everyone who travels or needs a quick diaper bag, or even to hold some groceries will find this bags size and stability very gratifying.
Review By: Megan5 years ago 
This bag was a lifesaver....and quickly lost. I was at an outdoor theatre event when a patron in front of me had his daughter sit on their styrofoam chest....which shattered. I emptied my bag, saved as much ice as I could & threw all their food in. There was no leaks and they were forever grateful...they even left with the bag. Such a cool save!
Review By: Paula 5 years ago 
I freaking LOVE this bag — the perfect stash for my art supplies. It's certified to score you a seat at the kids' table.


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