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Baby's Head Smell Lavatory Mist

For the treatment and cure of soiled air. Apply two quick mists, and all that's left behind is the pleasing and pure scent of a baby's head.
5.3 fl. oz./156 ml
Baby's Head Smell Lavatory Mist

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Review By: Maureen 3 years ago 
Yep! Just got mine today and as a grandmother of three, I can confirm this mist does indeedly-doodley smell just like a baby's head. Perhaps even better...just please don't tell Molly, Jack and Max I said that, aight?
Review By: Gwen4 years ago 
Everyone loves it. Don't know why. Don't know how. Takes away the stink without making it smell like shit and spray stuff. All I know is when my dad saw it he picked it up and went "ewww that's disgusting" Uhhmm What? "Dad, babies are suppose to smell good everyone loves to sniff a baby's head". "Ohh that's so gross", he says Ahh, what the hell was wrong with my head when I was little? Why didn't my dad like to smell me.? Why didn't my mother bathe me? Why do I sit and ponder so many questions while I am in here smelling up the joint? Doesn't matter, I could stay here all day as long as I have this.


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