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Hand Shit Hand Cream-Sweet Pea Lilac

A perfect glass pot containing an amazing hand elixir that moisturizes and protects. Look! Soft hands! A little goes a long way and it's sublimely scented with a unique blend of sweet pea and lilac.
2 oz./57 g
Hand Shit Hand Cream-Sweet Pea Lilac

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Review By: Patricia10 months ago 
Incredibly greasy and wonderful! Great on dry skin feet and hands. A word of caution - don't spread it all over your fingers and then use your phone screen.
Review By: MICHELLE10 months ago 
Used this all up way faster then I expected! Works great on really dry winter hands and smells fucking amazing!! Another win win!
Review By: Karissa1 year ago 
Smells amazing! Just found this at a local boutique. A little greasy right after but the smell is totally worth it
Review By: Nicole2 years ago 
This has worked wonders on my sensitive ezcema ridden hands. I have to be very careful with moisturizers because they often cause extreme pain, but not with this! I'm on my 3rd jar. My whole office loves the smell. The only drawback is that it takes awhile to absorb so I have greasy hands right after I use it.
Review By: Blue2 years ago 
Hi E - Gosh, we're so sorry you feel that way! It's actually one of our most popular scents in the Hand Shit line... I guess "to each their own," right? I hope you try again and find the one that's right for you!
Review By: E2 years ago 
This doesn't smell anything like either sweet pea or lilac. It smells like artificial cherry, the kind that's in gum balls. Avoid!


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