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You're Beautiful Handy Tote

A sentiment heard loud and clear, but never fully felt. But you should feel it. Because you are. You are beautiful inside and out and so is everyone else, can't you just feel the kinsmanship? But, ok, know what? There is just one small change you should make. You should buy this amazing bag, that's what. 95% recycled woven polypropylene.
10"h x 8.5"w x 4.5"d
You're Beautiful Handy Tote

Or, How about something like this?

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Review By: Rebecca2 years ago 
I think the bag is great. I was jealous that all my friends had them so I decided to by one myself. I found that it is the perfect size for school lunch.
Review By: Lora4 years ago 
I bought this to match part of a set, because I got a cute matching magnet free, and went for the coin purse that had the same design. Now I use this handy tote to hold my extra purses and bags, and it holds a lot! Just about everything you can buy here fits in this little guy, except for the messenger bags and overnighters of course. It'll be great use for light shopping, and I really love this design. Thanks for getting me started on this one!
Review By: Kiara4 years ago 
When I first bought this, I didn't really have anything in mind on what I should do with it. I just really liked the design and I was curious about the size and what would fit into it. Should I get it? Should I not? I think I should. I'm so glad I got this! It's very handy, able to fit my journals, sketchbook, and pencil cases- Just overall perfect! I do not have to worry about my books getting knocked around in a bigger bag with other things now. Plus, the bag holds up VERY well, and handled quite a couple of times of me spilling water and drinks on it by mistake.


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