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Carpe The Fuck Out Of This Diem W-Crew Socks

Do it! You know you want to and you know you can. Seize this mo-fo like it's January 1st and you've made some totally reasonable New Year's resolution. Grab this day, maybe even kick it! By the way, we've got a pair of socks for that, too! Perfect for go-getters and Latin enthusiasts... oh, and just bad-asses like yourself. Women's shoe size 5-10. 49% combed cotton, 48% nylon and 3% spandex.
Carpe The Fuck Out Of This Diem W-Crew Socks

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Review By: Skyler2 years ago 
I love everything about these socks, and it pains me to give them 4 stars instead of 5, but the design is on the same side of both socks! They don't face outward on both socks! It's very frustrating. Other than that I love them! Definitely one of my favorite pairs of socks.
Review By: T4 years ago 
Only giving three stars because I love the colors, pattern, and message. But it is REALLY disappointing that the message/design is only on the right-facing side of each sock. These would be perfect if the message faced outwards on each, a left and a right (or just print it on both sides). Luckily I sometimes like to mismatch so I just pretend I have two of the same right sock.
Review By: K4 years ago 
I loved everything about these socks, so I bought them. They lose 1 star for being so thin. They lose TWO STARS because the phrase does not face out from both the right and left ankle. The phrase is on the right side of both socks. I mean C'MON!!!
Review By: diane4 years ago 
Received these as a gift. to wear during chemo treatments .... love them.... gives everyone a hoot every time I show them.
Review By: Joel4 years ago 
OK so my daughter wanted these for her birthday and I too had to have a pair. I was afraid they would not fit, but the do and my feet are very, very happy as is everyone that see's them. I am know as a sock-whore and these socks are the perfect addition to my collection. They fit my size 9 feet and well... I fucking love um...
Review By: Ursula4 years ago 
The best things to wear to work are Blue Q socks. And these socks make it all worthwhile. When the stress level goes up, I look down at my socks, see the message and I smile!
Review By: Bettie5 years ago 
One of my very favorite Christmas gifts! Just knowing I have them on gives me a needed boost.
Review By: Julie5 years ago 
Here's the deal. I'm old. I have 2 small children. Boys, ages 4 & 5. My husband travels for weeks overseas for work. Boys get sick. I'm tired. I need a break. I need a margarita. Low and behold, the Blue Q box comes in the mail in record time. I put on my Carpe the fuck out this diem socks and meet the vomit filled day head on. Did the socks stop my 4 yr old from vomiting on his brother or me? No. But they sure gave me the moxie to soldier on another day! Thanks Blue Q! P.S. The What The Hell hand sanitizer really came in handy too
Review By: JENNIFER5 years ago 


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