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I Gave A Fuck, Once W-Crew Socks

There was a time, way back before, in the olden days, at which I cared. A little, not a lot. Never did I ever give TWO Fucks. That's too far! Anyway, I'm over all that now. Onward! Women's shoe size 5-10. 51% combed cotton, 46% nylon and 3% spandex.
I Gave A Fuck, Once W-Crew Socks

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Review By: Kayla2 years ago 
I am buying my second pair of these socks. They are fucking awesome. I like to wear Blue Q socks to work. They make me feel like I am hiding a little secret. A little fuck you to the man.
Review By: Ursula4 years ago 
These socks are awesome! I think Blue Q should make these for men too. I'd order a pair and send them to President Obama so he could were them while he is serving out his last 2 years. Love, love, love these!
Review By: Gwendolynn5 years ago 
Okay, I confess, I did not buy these socks. I bought the "carpe the fuck out of this diem" socks and the "fuck this shit" socks. But they're no longer on the list here. Guess I got the last ones. I'm kinda glad about that, but I also feel sorry for those of you who wish you had them. Sorry. I'm Canadian, so I really am sorry. Sorry that I have the last super cool awesome ones. Sorry. I'm going to buy all of these "I gave a fuck" socks next. Sorry.
Review By: Brandy5 years ago 
Soft, comfortable and always a conversation starter! Love all my Blue Q socks!


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