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Evidence Zipper Pouch

NOTICE: Do not tamper with contents! This is not a toy. In case of extreme curiosity, persons may inspect contents in the following non-touch manners: smelling, shaking, listening to, and/or speaking with. 95% recycled post-consumer material
7.25"h x 9.5"w
Evidence Zipper Pouch

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Review By: Trish1 year ago 
This is one of my favorite Blue Q bags. (I have many! And everyone asks where I found them.) It's perfect for keeping my sd card cases and even my tablet cords. Keeping me organized in a creative way is what Blue Q does!
Review By: Kristen2 years ago 
I fricking love this thing. It was given to me as a gift and I use it as an art pencil case. I'm a little disappointed as it only lasted just under a year and its already pretty worn. Granted, I have been using it daily and it's been abused in my backpack. Another thing is that one of my putty erasers stuck to the inside and ripped open the lining, so now my pencils get caught in it.
Review By: KEVIN2 years ago 
coupon pouch for grocery store
Review By: Kris2 years ago 
I bought this to use as my purse for my crime scene costume. It was perfect!
Review By: Summer4 years ago 
I love this zipper pouch ! It's made of good material, it's super cute and unique, and it's just awesome all together ! The look on peoples faces when I pull this out of my messenger bag (which I also got on blueq) is priceless ! Everyone always asks me where I got it cause it's so cool ^_^ Definitely happy with my purchase
Review By: Jill5 years ago 
Love it! I am a forensic nurse and I am ordering them for all of the nurses I work with!
Review By: Jessica5 years ago 
I had the right amount of curiosity to order this, and the graphic is incredibly funny. I was especially amused by the fine print. I'd quote it here, but I think it's confidential! Thanks for making made my day!
Review By: Marilyn5 years ago 
This bag is so cool. I'm in my 60's, so usually don't say "cool", but that's the best word to describe it. Love this bag!


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