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Day Of The Dead Shoulder Tote

The lead singer of our Day of the Dead collection, this bright and beautiful shoulder tote is ready to take on the world (of the living? of the dead?) with you at its side. Made with 95% post consumer recycled material, a roomy exterior pocket, and shoulder length straps.
11"h x 15"w x 6.25"d
Day Of The Dead Shoulder Tote

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Review By: L3 months ago 
OMG! I’ve completely lost track of the number of times people everywhere have asked me about my BlueQ bags- especially this one. Be prepared to answer questions, because people totally love this one. And I do too- it’s super durable/strong, versatile, funky, and you can shove a ton of stuff in it.
Review By: V1 year ago 
Testimonial: Wayyyyyy back, I bought the one with the partial face of Minerva Genti on it (Leonardo da V.) and it's only now, years later, it's starting to come apart and that's with day-to-day continual usage. I use it as a purse because 1) it's lightweight 2) it's cheap 3) you can cram a helluva lot of shit in it, 4) it's zippable for security and has that handy outside pocket 5) it's water-proof, 6) it has a light interior so my stuff doesn't disappear into the black hole of purse-ness that I have previously experienced and 7) heavy compliments by people intrigued by the image and the eyes that followed them around the room. More colors and like designs always welcome. Oh, and DO NOT EVER GET RID OF THIS MODEL, PLEASE.


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