Who owns Blue Q and how long's it been around?
Mitch and Seth Nash are the owners and founders of Blue Q. And brothers. Although when Richard first came to work at the company he thought they said they were "Lovers". He was confused but didn't want to make any waves. After all, he had just started working here.

And Blue Q has been around since Die Hard. The first one. 1988.
What DOES "Blue Q" mean?
Blue Q was the name Mitch and Seth made up for their lighting company in 1988. Yep. Lighting. Seth says, "We were headed to the annual world's largest lighting show in Milan and we needed business cards." Blue Q was hatched in a few minutes.
We never made lights, we made cardboard cats. So....that's it! "Blue Q" means nothing! Turned out to be a good thing considering all the products we have made and sold over the years.
So, you guys design AND manufacture all this stuff?
Yep! Yes. And absolutely. We're the only company we know of who manufactures funky, fresh, smart and awesome tin banks, soap, gum, bags, t-shirts, lip balm, dish towels, ceramic toothbrush holders, lotion ET AL! Look at that list on the left over there. Yee Haw!
How do you make everything?
Carefully and thoughtfully. And with VERY BEST QUALITY (you'll notice that sentiment is on everything we make). Look, we all know that there is an unethical way to manufacture a water bottle, to sew a bag. We don't do that. We couldn't. We have a beautiful and long history with manufacturing our goods the right way.

So if you ever had any questions about our factory standards overseas, environmentally responsible manufacturing, the way we look at employees, labor practices and wages you can rest assured that it is the Very Best Quality. We don't compromise when manufacturing something that is affordable and desirable. We just want you to be happy. We do everything for you. Yes. You.

What's this I see on the back of your magnets?
"Blue Q employs a work force of disabled and non-disabled individuals working together to assemble this product". And it's not just magnets. Blue Q has been the largest private employer of individuals with disabilities in Western Massachusetts for over 10 years. Millions of packages of Blue Q magnets, soaps and other products have been assembled in our airy, art filled Production Department. This employment program is coordinated for Blue Q by Berkshire County ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens), whose mission is "to assist and support individuals to identify and realize their chosen lifestyles." Berkshire County ARC oversees the hiring and retaining our crew, and assists with many other aspects of their lives away from work, too, and we love 'em!

In many ways this is the soul of Blue Q, and if you come to one of our company bowling or kickball events, or observe Friday morning art classes, you'll understand why.
I want to come visit! Do you have an outlet store? Where can I buy Blue Q locally?
What great and wonderful questions. No, we don't have a "brick and mortar" store - but you can get everything here online. If you really want to experience our goods in the flesh, check out our Where to Buy section. We adore the stores that carry our stuff. They have such great taste. Plus, then you get to help a local shop! What could be finer?
You don't test your stuff on animals, right?
Right. And neither do the manufacturers we work with. We make sure of that. That wouldn't be "Very Best Quality" if we did.
And your bags are made from 94% recycled post consumer material?
No! Are you kidding? That's nothing! We make ours from 95% recycled post consumer material. Sheesh. What do you think we are? Uncaring, unconcerned citizens?
Where is Pittsfield MA?
Welcome to Pittsfield! The birthplace of baseball (it's true), home of many cultural establishments, and not one but TWO mini hotdog joints (they say it's the steamed buns that make them so appealing. We tend to agree!) Pittsfield is lovingly nestled in the heart of the Berkshire Hills in Western Massachusetts. The Berkshires is a New England fantasy kinda place. Rolling hills, farms, little General Stores with wood floors and tin ceilings.... Upstairs in the office you can see the local ski mountain outside the window.
Holy baloney my order got here fast! Who packed and shipped it?
Our warehouse is only 1 mile down the road, past the Dunkin' Donuts, on your left. You put in an order online before 2pm EST, we get it out same day. We adore shipping you sweet boxes that are printed on the outside with "WE JUST WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY". Know why? Because we do.
I have a great picture of me and my favorite Blue Q product. Wanna see it?
Yes. Yes we do. Please visit us on Facebook or our new Blog and tell us all about you and your innermost.
What does all that donation 1% stuff go to?
1% of the sale of Blue Q bags support the conservation work of The Nature Conservancy* - a leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people. Since their founding in 1951 they have protected more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide - and operate more than 100 marine conservation projects in over 30 countries. *Blue Q guarantees a minimum contribution of $150,000 through June 30, 2015.


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