Here at Blue Q, we believe that if one thing matters, everything matters – from the air we breathe to the water that flows through the riverbed behind our headquarters.
The planet clearly needs some active love and healing, and it’s time to really dig deep. We can all do better, Blue Q is no exception.

It’s a massive undertaking, from the products we choose to make to how we run our daily operations. And as we navigate the technical and financial challenges of sustainably running a business, we admit that we sometimes fall short. But we are committed to constant improvement, and with each change we’re making small improvements that collectively can have a bigger impact.

We’ve also started to incorporate policies that hold us accountable and push us forward at a steady clip. Since we’re a small company, we don’t have teams of scientists or consultants. But we do have a very small committee of enthusiastic nerds who are prepared to do our very best!
Here are just a few things we're doing:
● We’re thinking about the full life cycle of each of our categories, and making sure that Blue Q products are useful, utilitarian, long-lasting gifts

● Developing more products that turn garbage into something new, like our recycled polypropylene bags and 100% recycled polyester beanies

● Eliminating as much plastic from our packaging as possible – and making sure that new products like our Catnip Cat Toys have no plastic packaging at all

● Regularly reusing and repurposing materials in our office and warehouse spaces: turning broken shipping pallets into beautiful walls and scrap cardboard into priceless works of art by our colleagues in BCARC.
Sheep graze in the solar field outside our headquarters in Pittsfield, MA