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Goooooo Team!

We rock, we roll, we eat pizza, we play in the garden and go apple picking, we laugh - a lot - and we really, actually, truly enjoy each other's company. Blue Q is like a cult, but like, in a good way.

For a Good Time
Click on a portrait below!

AliciaCool Girl / Cher Horowitz

AmberDog Whisperer

AndrewInventor: Bubble Puppy Sock Vending Machine

AngelaQuietly Kicking Ass

AprilSeam Queen


BrandonEveryone’s Little Brother

BruceShy Guy / Yes Man

CaitlinSecret Agent

ChrisJackrabbit Of All Trades

CrystalCool Head McGee

DebbieMegaphone of the BCARC Cheerleading Squad

DillanDr. Flash

DottieThe Sweetest Person on The Planet

HeouSir Laughs-A-Lot

IanThe Dude

JakeProfessional Arm Wrestler

JanaSpreadsheet Slayer

JenInternational Woman of Selling Stuff

JeremySuper Seamster

JessSuper-duper Special Handling

JessIn-house Personal Shopper

JohnJiggy Tiggy

JohnUnflappably Unflappable

JuliaShipshape Crewmate


KaraTakes No Shit, Gives No Fucks

KatieNew Product Development Whip Cracker

KenWarehouse Tetris Champion

KenSuper Nintendude

KitThe Golf Pro

LisaUnflappable Fulfillment

MarthaMorning Meeting Pep Rallyist

MattMean Martini Mixer

MeaghanTaking Care Of Business

MichaelCackling Unicorn

MikeJust The Greatest Ever

MindySmooth Talkin' Sales Master

MirandaMiss No Baloney

MissyVeteran Fulfillment Specialist

MitchBrother No. 2

MyrissaSpeedy Gumzales

NoahDecent Listener

PaulRep Wrangler

RebekahGet Set, Go

RobertGold Medalist

RyanOne of the Right Honorable Lordz

RyanJust A Quiet Nice Solid Smart Hardworking Guy

SarahWildish Childish

SarahThe Credit Angel

SergOfficial Warehouse Beer Taster

SethBrother No. 1

ShaunaCheese Plate Czar

SheriThe Revitalizer

SheriThe Muralist

SilkaYour BFF

StaceyProduction Crackerjack

StevenNitpicker / Punching Bag

StevenMister Manners

TinaHere She Comes A-Caroling

TomPatron Saint of Patience

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