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Truly One of A Kind

We’ve been collecting short, wonderful quotes for a long time at the Q. For several years we bundled batches of them in our wholesale catalog, as “Things We Believe.” Mashed together, one after another, they really reach their full potential. Some are silly and lippy, others are more life-changing. They’re all masters of short-form wisdom and interesting language.

These posters feature some of our favorites, made in one-on-one art classes with the team of individuals with disabilities we employ, in conjunction with Berkshire County Arc.

To produce them, our friend and local artist Michael Rousseau led the team, also known as the Arts & Assembly Department, through screen printing classes. Everyone was thrilled to be involved in something tactile and colorful. Each print’s made one at a time and no two are alike. The arty smudges are the best!


Berkshires, MA

I like to make stuff. I paint, draw, sculpt, print, build, glue, cut, screw, and whatever else it takes to turn an idea into reality. I’m mostly self-taught. I enjoy the challenge of figuring it out.

Motto: Show up and get to work. More doing, less talking and standing around

Fun fact: I’m a dual citizen: American/Italian.

Super power: Brainstorming ideas and coming up with a process to get stuff done, and surprising myself along the way.

Things We Believe
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