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May 31, 2017

A Band Of Seriously Badass Global Aid Workers


Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is a group of seriously badass global aid workers who provide impartial medical relief to victims of war, disease and natural or man-made disaster. On any one day, thousands of individuals representing dozens of nationalities can be found providing assistance to people caught in crises around the world. They’re a fearless and well-oiled machine.

A couple of our pals from Doctors Without Borders, Liza and Vanessa, recently took time to visit us at Blue Q. Vanessa talked about how the funds we donate – one percent of the sales from our sock line – are used to help their movement. Then Liza, midwife and fieldworker, shared some firsthand accounts of her seven deployments to places like Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We were glued to our chairs as her slides whipped across the movie screen. It's incredible how much good they do.

For us, it’s humbling and inspiring to support what Doctors Without Borders does… and that’s why we are so thrilled to be interviewed for their Quarterly Newsletter, Alert, for Spring 2017.

Read the conversation below and, if you feeling like having your mind blown and your heart melted, check out the full publication and their website.

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Me and my wife went on vacation and the first leg was Portland Maine, we bought the “fuck this shit” oven mitt, it’s a classic. Thanks...and keep it coming.
Comment By: Drew10 months ago 
Team Rubicon loves the get shit done socks. It’s our motto! Let ‘er rip!
Comment By: Angie1 year ago 
You need to sing your association with DWB. Put on the font page.
Comment By: Eileen1 year ago 
I have purchased several pairs of your socks and other fun things like the boxes and zipper pouches. I love your wit and design sense! Did not know 'til I found this site that you also supported MSF so loyally. That makes my heart sing.
Comment By: noel 1 year ago 
I love your products-haven't found a place in Aventura Florida where they are sold. However, Atlanta is my goto place. I have been a supporter of Doctors Without Borders for over 10 years. It's a wonderful endeavor. wendy
Comment By: wendy2 years ago 
the reason I purchase your merchandise is because of your commitment to Doctors Without Borders....thank you
Comment By: Kathleen2 years ago 

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