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May 21, 2015

A Crazy Beautiful Day


Today was a crazy beautiful day at Blue Q.

In the morning, the guys from BCARC spent a couple hours gardening. They planted thyme, fennel, and parsley and a bunch of other stuff. They even let us help.

We just planted these greens two weeks ago! They are kicking ass in a totally delicious and nutritious way.

Then, we went to the airport to take a few pictures.

This is Lily pretending she's Beyonce stepping off her private jet. She does a pretty great job, don't you think?

After lunch we pulled out a few classic products from the archive.

Did you know we've made lunch boxes and water bottles and body wash and stickers and matches and toothbrush holders and car air fresheners and holographic pins in our 26 years? Some of that stuff worked pretty well. Some, not so much. We have a lot of mini notebooks in storage.

Next, we built a two-story sock tower in the office.

Then, we had a fashion show where all the guys twirled around on picnic tables. I can't show you pictures quite yet because it’s part of a surprise, but I know you’re going to love it.

Yeah, today was a little bit unusal. But, in another way, it was just another day at the Q.

Thanks a Bunch!

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I first found BlueQ YEARS ago when I got some cat butt stickers from a friend. I've ordered several times and would really love an online garage/yard sale. I miss a lot of the good ole stuff.
Comment By: bonnie7 years ago 
I agree about selling your old items. I only found you a year ago but I tell everybody about your products. I love you!
Comment By: Allison7 years ago 
I'm pretty sure if I lived in this state and this city, I would make it my goal to work for you folks. Great work!! :)
Comment By: Brideen7 years ago 
I would LOVE if you guys made a vintage section on the site for old items. I personally did not discover BlueQ until about a year ago so there's tons of stuff I've never seen. Please consider it!
Comment By: r.7 years ago 
Yes yes yes! I agree with Miriam! How about an online garage/yard sale of the great stuff that you don't make any more? BlueQ is the awesomest!
Comment By: Anita7 years ago 
Hey BlueQ, Luv luv luv your stuff! How bout having an online 'garage sale' to get rid of some of the mini note books and other interesting stuff you don't make anymore? I would luv you even more, if that's possible.... Also, how can I browse socks at the top of the two-story sock tower? ??
Comment By: Miriam7 years ago 

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