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September 04, 2014

Back To School


If there’s one thing that unifies us here at Blue Q it’s that we just want you to be happy. If there’s another thing that unifies us here at Blue Q, it’s an eager willingness to humiliate ourselves.

This week, as our Facebook and Instagram feeds fill up with well-coifed kids sporting monogrammed backpacks and hesitant grins, we thought we’d join in on the fun. So, grab my hand, won’t you? Let’s take a stroll down Bad Hair Lane. Shooting-laser backgrounds, home-cut bangs, upright chins… those were the good ole days. Right?

Seth (above) and Mitch Nash (below), Owners. Most likely not voted Most Likely To Succeed.

From top: Lily, Accounts Receiveable; Katie, New Product Development; Silka, New Product Development. All babes.

Jess, Purchasing and Glamour Shot Management.

Colleen, Customer Service and Choreography.

Paul, Sales Rep Manager and Reigning Champion of the Blue Q Staring Contest.

Thanks a Bunch!

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I think I was in Colleen's dancing class, dress is eerily similar! Love your products. Keep up the great work!
Comment By: Nicole3 years ago 
That made me feel all warm and fuzzy! I don't know which was better- Jess' hair montage or the laser show, but I had both going on. I feel the pain of an 80s childhood. Also the pain in my cheeks from laughing so hard! Thanks guys!
Comment By: Diane4 years ago 
Always getting the best feed back from people about your products! My teens, are living their own middle school awkwardness in Blue Q socks sharing the wisdom.
Comment By: Logan4 years ago 
Just want to say I love you people. Oh. And your products. But anyone with products like these is worthy of love so... yeah, what I said. Found your stuff at Joy of Sox in Breckenridge, CO. Love those people too. K. That's all. Carry on.
Comment By: Susan4 years ago 

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