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January 03, 2017

Happy New Year, Sweetie!


See those cute little wormy snaky guys up there, giving one another a good ole bump? Those buddies are our 2017 mascots. To us, they honor togetherness and celebrate the gentle but mighty ripple-effect that swells when we all extend a little extra kindness to those around us.

They also, in a way, represent the many brand new Blue Q products that will (hopefully) blow your open and hungry mind as they are unveiled in the coming months.

So stay tuned, because there's a lot to come in the next year. And -- really, really -- thanks so much for being a part of our family in 2016. After all, what do we have if we don't have each other?

Thanks a Bunch!

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Oddly, (an apt word to open with when addressing you guys, I think), I live in the Berkshires, but it was my brother in Seattle who introduced me to Blue Q one Christmas several years ago, with a wonderfully uncouth Cat Butt coin purse. Who ARE these people? I asked myself. Low and behold you were my neighbors to the north! THEN I dug around a little deeper and discovered (nice alliteration, huh?) that you employ people from BCARC AND donate to MSF? Two of my most respected entities! Could BlueQ be any more awesome AND irreverent at the same time? I think not. Over the years I've given and rude gotten rude socks and dish towels and gum. My bro and I look forward to gifting each other your great stuff again this Christmas!
Comment By: susan2 years ago 
This is a very nice update of that "Don't tread on me" guy who wants to bite someone in the worst way.
Comment By: Emily2 years ago 
Snakes are awesome! And these are obviously snakes, since worms don't have eyes or smiley mouths. Worms are great, too, though. :)
Comment By: Cat3 years ago 
I discovered you guys while going through a divorce and a friend gave me a pair of your socks -- Stay Away from Assholes. Perfect! I've been a fan since. And my nickname is Q so another reason to like you. I've got a suggestion for you, it's my new favorite acronym: DGAF. Guess what it means. Put that on socks and I'll buy a bunch!
Comment By: Susan3 years ago 
Where's more of the Daily Q? I love this part. The Chrissy story always brings me to tears. I love you guys, no really!!!!
Comment By: Kate3 years ago 
I just ordered several coin purses for my co-workers to show some appreciation for National Emergency Telecommunicator Week (hug a dispatcher this week, ok?) and I love them! I also got an awesome free gift. I felt pretty darn special opening that package. Can't wait to see my co-workers' responses to these snarky little bags.
Comment By: Katie3 years ago 
Great Company! Great socks and Great customer service! Keep up the good work and make f*cking great products. i'm beginning my Christmas shopping -- yes, just a lillie
Comment By: jeanne 3 years ago 
My daughter just introduced me to your site and I just love it! Wish I had known about you before Xmas, but there are a bunch of birthday's in our family this year and I know where I'm shopping! And I like your 2017 mascots! Worm dudes are my best friends in the garden. Turning old dirt into new soil, living their lives without complaint (that I know of). Snakey dudes are great too, doing what nature intended on this planet.
Comment By: Erin4 years ago 
Re: your new 2017 mascots -- They are WORMS. I do not care for snakes. They make my heart skip a beat. In the worst way.
Comment By: Meg4 years ago 

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