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April 08, 2015

Make it, Share it, Win it, Love it!


I once compared the many strange and awesome layers of Blue Q to a Bloomin' Onion. I was really proud of that one.

It didn't matter though, because I was quickly outdone in the Food As Metaphor category by the incomparable Amy Poehler. In her book, Yes Please, she likens warm, accessible, transparent people to open-faced sandwiches. Now that is good.

I don't know if I'm warm, but I'm definitely transparent. Do you think I could pass as a room-temperature crostini? Nothing too messy, but let's be honest, nothing too refined either. I'd probably be made of something sturdy - maybe a baguette or bagel chip?

How about you? What kind of sandwich are you?

Instagram* a picture of yourself, in sandwich form, and tag it #bqsandwich. Extra points for telling us why. On May 1 we'll pick our 5 favorites, highlight them on our blog and send off a goodie bag straight from Blue Q Headquarters in Pittsfield, Mass.

So lay down some bread and start stacking!

*We will also accept submissions in the form of posts on our Facebook wall and emails to

Thanks a Bunch!

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My favorite is a BLAT: Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Tomato with a swipe of Thousand Island dressing on toast. Heaven.
Comment By: Harriet5 years ago 
so I'm a tad late, I just found your awesome site! My go to sandwich....white bread with peanut butter and plain M&M's spread out. YUMMY snack...why yes, I do have the diet of a five year old. #BQSANDWICH
Comment By: Rebecca5 years ago 
I am an Irish Dip, (Just because I'm not French) prime rib of beef on a grilled (crusty) baguette with a sassy horseradish sauce, grilled sweet onions and a creamy cheese from a local farmer. COMFORT Food!
Comment By: Mary5 years ago 
Tongue with horseradish, Dijon mustard, and a slice of red onion on marble rye, with a side of brains and eggs. "Nobody's fool but yours."
Comment By: Christine6 years ago 
I know it is too late for the contest, but I just had to share. I'd be a Ruben sandwich. A little crusty on the outside,a little messy,but full of yummy deliciousness that is easy to love. Thank you, Susie
Comment By: Susan6 years ago 
I am plain ham and cheese on white bread. Plain and simple but with the right condiments I can be what ever you want.......! #bqsandwich
Comment By: Danyale6 years ago 
chicken salad made with horseradish aioli
Comment By: Laramie6 years ago 

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