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April 03, 2020

Make your own Flat Fido


Well … after we made the Flat Cats in 1988, people liked them so much, the whole world seemed full of flat possibilities. You didn't need a Magic 8 Ball to know something else should get printed and pasted to an easel to increase sales. And at this point, we had cobbled together a national force of independent sales reps — the folks with retail buyer relationships, who visit the shops and write the orders for a 15% commission. They were like, "Guys, love the cat, but we need more to sell. These things are hot!" Nothing was more obvious than a dog, of course. We sent the trademark office in Washington our application for the name "Flat Fido."

Ironically, Seth and I didn't know anything about dogs. Our dad never wanted one in the house because of the odor. So while we were our own target market, we were flummoxed about what breed of dog would sell best, aka, High Stakes Business Decision of the Year. 

Manny Denner, the Flat Cat photographer, suggested, "Just call Animals for Advertising, they rent chimps, chickens, birds, reptiles, anything you need. I use 'em all the time." With this service, clients were supplied animals with accompanying trained handlers, at astronomical hourly rates. Their suggestion was to go with Jack Russell Terriers, for their everyday dog vibe. They'd send two, just in case. 

On set, at Manny's place in Manhattan, the dog handler chased the dogs around a bit, got their blood flowing, so their tongues hung out all nice and friendly. Manny was on the floor with his Hasselblad, shooting a million frames a second. Mission accomplished with a happy dog that almost appeared to be smiling. 

One of the dogs did take a dump on the studio floor, but when you rent Jack Russell Terriers, dog shit pickup is FREE.

Enjoy your new, authentic Flat Fido!

Mitch & your pals at the Q

Thanks a Bunch!

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i love a good belly laugh - yay for flat cat and flat fido!!!
Comment By: nancy1 year ago 
My Flat Fido is keeping me company during quarantine. My pooch has been named Pancake ❤️
Comment By: Nancy1 year ago 
Thank You Dear Blue Q Friends!!! You make me laugh in the face of adversity!!!
Comment By: Michelle1 year ago 
Thank you for sharing Flat Fido! He's going to be a perfect companion as I WFH during this pandemic!
Comment By: Heather1 year ago 
Made the Flat Cat and Flat Fido. Best pets ever......although Flat Fido keeps telling Flat Cat to quit being so catty and Flat cat tells dog to quit the dogging. Round and round we go. Maybe I will give them some of my flat beer tonight to see if they have a nice quiet flat night.
Comment By: Sheila1 year ago 
Mitch and QTeam: Just made Fido for my daughter! She'll be thrilled. Thanks for giving us a Freebie. I Heart You All. We will post soon...
Comment By: Sally1 year ago 
Edited to add: YOU GUYS ROCK! An awesome company to do business with! (Despite the choice of the JRT for Flat Fido! - LOL! Just kidding...not really) Love you guys!
Comment By: MaryBeth1 year ago 
I love your Newsletter! If I’d a working printer is be all over flat cat and flat Fido
Comment By: Elisa1 year ago 
You guys at Blue Q really crack up up . . . this is priceless!!!
Comment By: Mamie1 year ago 
What a great story! You transported me to your studio back in that era. Glory be. A thousand thanks.
Comment By: Meg1 year ago 
Can't believe you chose a JRT over a Basset Hound (world's best dog comedians EVER)!
Comment By: MaryBeth1 year ago 

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