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January 28, 2016

Meet Lotti


Guys! Big news at the Blue Q office! Want to try and guess? Ok, I'll give you three shots. Never mind, I can't wait another second.

We got a puppy! She's super cute and spirit-lifting and already my newest, bestest friend. I'm sure you have a lot of questions, so let's get right down to answering them, shall we?

A: Her name is Lotti, which makes me think she might hail from a remote island in the farthest, most northern Scandinavian seas. But really, she's a very demure Yellow Lab-ish mutt from inland Virginia, which is also not that bad in terms of an origin story.

Q: Is she loud or disruptive or is she a calm and supportive work-time companion?
A: I swear to you, this dog is mute. We've heard nothing but the friendly ding-a-ling of freshly engraved dog tags as she saunters up the stairs. It's kind of like hearing the Mr. Softie truck comin' 'round the corner, but sweeter and less fattening.

Q: Has she pooped under anyone's desk yet?
A: Yes. Mine.

Thanks a Bunch!

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How about a Lotti update and pictures?
Comment By: Gina4 years ago 
I've been a Blue Q fan for a while but just found your "real home" Love it! Love Lotti! Love "meeting" the madness behind the magic!
Comment By: Sharon 4 years ago 
My little dogs are barkers. Trade ya.
Comment By: Pam4 years ago 
Where did you get her?
Comment By: Chrystie5 years ago 
she's beautiful & photogenic...take good care of her
Comment By: Joan5 years ago 
What a little Ginger Snap!!! I L O V E Y O U XO
Comment By: Amy5 years ago 
I want a Lotti in my office!! Please call my boss and tell him it's ok to have a dog at work.
Comment By: Merry5 years ago 
Please, more on Lotti! Where is she from? How old is she? What is the typical day like for her?
Comment By: Susan5 years ago 
Who named her? Love it! And is that a carrot she's eating in the pic?
Comment By: Michele5 years ago 
Please can Lotti join us on Tuesdays to make awesome art?
Comment By: Pat5 years ago 
She looks right at home !!!!Adorable !!!!!
Comment By: Ericka5 years ago 
I love Lotti already, and the fact that you have a dog at the office! Great on you, Blue Q!
Comment By: tracy5 years ago 
This company is a class act. Your marketing savvy and sense of humor are a breath of fresh air.
Comment By: Maureen5 years ago 

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