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December 20, 2016

The Party Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


Blue Q can be a lot for a new employee. Every job has its own special culture and routines, and then you have to get cozy with US – a rowdy bunch who talk over one another, eavesdrop indiscriminately, and display an uncommon passion and love for what we do and who we do it with.  

But that’s what Kristin, the newest member of our graphic design team, heroically walked into when she started a couple weeks ago. Her arrival also lined up with preparations for our 2016 Holiday Party, an event at which our quirks are never more resoundingly on display. But, like a champ, she came back the next day to jot down some quick observations.

We also asked John for his thoughts, both for the sake of contrast and also because he’s the best. Did you know that his title is actually Johnny Appleseed? Like, part of his job is to make sure good vibes spread to every nook and cranny of this place. Plus, he’s been to seventeen Blue Q Holiday Parties so he’s kind of an authority.

Now, without further ado, here you have it: the Blue Q Holiday Party through the eyes of two beholders. We hope you enjoy their little dance – and the photos, too!

Kristin: The way I see it, company Christmas parties can be split into two categories: the parties you have to go to, and the parties you want to go to.

John: The Blue Q Holiday party is Legend. It is an annual epic feat involving a lot of careful planning but also plenty of room for improv, last-minute additions and spilled drinks.

Kristin: By the Friday of the party, I’d been an employee for a whopping two weeks. In the art department, we spent much of those weeks designing, printing, cutting, gluing, and hanging things for the big night. No detail was overlooked, and I just tried to keep up. “I really like this,” I was told ​about one of my first projects. “But let’s make it a little more ‘easy.’ We’re all about the vibe – take what you know and shake it up!”

John: The 2016 party was far and away the best ever – everyone is saying so. There was so much fun to be had; so much food to eat, so much wine and whiskey to drink, so many friends to say hello to. There was a photo booth! A book swap! There was pie, a video DJ, shenanigans, tomfoolery, revelry! There was good-will and laughter! There was a short film of the year-in-retrospect to remind us all just how friggin’ hard we rock!

Kristin: What struck me the most about the Blue Q Holiday party was that no person was overlooked. We had an awards ceremony (complete with pom-pom waving cheerleaders), a ski-themed photo booth, and even a movie about us (filmed via drone and featuring all of Blue Q’s employees)! Every person was included in the festivities in some way, and made to feel like an important part of the family.

John: The highlight of the night was far and away the awards ceremony for our crew members from BCARC. Everyone was recognized; names were called, theme music blared, and applause poured through the room as the winners swaggered and strutted up to accept their trophies and dance for a minute or two in celebration.

Kristin: I’ve still got so much to learn here, but I do know now that Blue Q’s is one of those holiday parties that you want to go to. I can’t wait to keep learning and growing with this group of people who are so rapidly becoming a mini family to me.

Click on the photo above to see more shots from the 2016 photo booth!

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I wanna be part of that picture. Blue Q is so fun and has great products. MORE PRODUCTS PLEASE ESPECIALLY BAGS! Enjoy giving gifts/books in your Bags and telling everyone about you!
Comment By: Bobbie4 years ago 
I love your products! I buy for myself first, then gifts. My son-in-law's weren't too sure of their sarcastic socks I gave them this Christmas! Have them right where I want them, they can't figure this lady out. I would be an excellent employee and would love to work for Blue Q, but I am only 9 miles from Disney World and that is fun. I think ya'll have cold and snow and stuff I cannot handle. I will just continue to send you my money. Keep up the good work!
Comment By: kelley4 years ago 
All my BlueQ gifts were a hit this year! and friends keep saying how their stuff gets comments all the time, which I get all the time for my things, too ~ And I look all around my home, and happy for all the organized stuff thanks to all my blueq stuff! ;) Wishing you all a great year! Mel
Comment By: Mel4 years ago 
These pics made me love Blue Q even more, and I didn't think that was possible!
Comment By: Mary4 years ago 
LOVE the photos! You guys rock! Happy Happy New Year 2017! <3
Comment By: Anita 4 years ago 
If I lived closer to Pittsfield, I absolutely would be applying to work at your company! I love your products and it's clear that your company and all the employees have a great time. Ever been to a huge, corporate Christmas party? I have and they are a snooze. Thanks for sharing the fun at yours.
Comment By: Linda4 years ago 
I Lived in the Pittsfield area in the mid 80's. I loved the downtown area with all the great shops like Berkshire Bookshop and Fun n Games toy store. As the years have gone by, the only time I seem to hear about the area is crime and business leaving. You, dear Blue Q, is what should be promoted, and what other communities should study. I love reading your posts, and it makes me remember that there is good in the world. Thank you.
Comment By: Melissa4 years ago 

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