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October 31, 2014

The Reviews are In! Contest Winners Announced!


It’s no surprise. You came, you browsed and you conquered the review section of like the amazing, creative, wacky and wonderful people that you knew you were. Only now, we’ve got proof!

Raise a glass to the winners of our First-Ever In The History Of Blue Q Blue Q Review Contest! Each winning submission will receive a big, honking bag of Blue Q goodies!

1. Philippa Stoddard, Hoo's Next Pencil Case

2. Joyce Teixeira, Fuck This Shit Socks

3. Greg Di Loreto, I Don't Like You. Said No One Ever Soap

4. Sarah Aitken, Wash Away Your Sins Liquid Hand Soap

5. JIll Billions, Fat Cat Coin Purse

But here’s the thing. Picking just 5? Well, that was too hard for us. So we put together a couple more honorable mentions who will also receive some goodies for their Pulitzer-worthy efforts...

6. Lynne Dalgleish, Stay Away From Assholes Socks

7. Fluffy Sheep! (I'm not sure, but I think that's a handle.),Origami Red Zipper Pouch

8. Megan Tepe, Bird Pencil Case

9. D D H., Thanks For Scooping My Poop Hand Sanitizer

10. Gwen LaRue, You're Kind Of A Dick Gum

Again, congratulations to the winners, and thanks to every single person who entered. Really, you’re all winners in our book. Sorry, too corny? Too bad.

Thanks a Bunch!

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Hi Sharon, Thanks for commenting! We're sorry that you feel our products are too vulgar. While we do like our "language," we make an effort to serve customers of all vocabularies - Blue Q makes plenty of products without swear words. But we have to disagree with you on the "nasty" part. The bulk of our products sport positive messages, with or without profanity, and we only use an F-bomb when we feel it adds to the product. Believe it or not, we really do consider each and every four letter word that appears on a sock, bag, bank or lip balm. Again, thanks for your thoughts. We hope you'll take some time to discover some of the more PG products on our website. All the best, Silka
Comment By: Blue6 years ago 
I am sooooooo disappointed that so many of the products now have vulgar and low class language attached. "Cute" to me requires clever, creative, intelligent ideas, not a rehash of "who can be the nastiest"...just sayin'
Comment By: Sharon6 years ago 
Latecomer and immediate BlueQ devotee here. Awwww...come on. Another contest soon...for those of us madly in love with your site and products...and have a bordering on pathetic desire to be a true part of all the fun. oh please Robin -already over-ordered and will again - Ryerson
Comment By: Robin6 years ago 

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